Don’t Judge Me

Look at me

Molded by God’s hand

Designed with a purpose

Built with a vision

I’m human just like you

I cry with an emotional scar

Wishing my life upon a star

Following a path that leads me very far

I make mistakes and have regrets that I wished I could take back

Built on God’s timing

His molding and creations

Wishing upon the stars

Tears that falls down my cheeks

Worries that catches me by the tongue

Darkness follows and anger shallows

Deepens the wounds

I’m human just like you

Never judge me

I’m not perfect

I can’t see the future

But only hope for the best

Just like fate

We are all put up for a test

I fall down plenty of times

Getting back up only to try again

Just like you I also sin

So life isn’t always going to be easy

But spiritually we can always start over again

Like a book, don’t judge it by it’s cover

Looking at the person next to you

We are created like no other

Living never to be right at all times

Living to the fullest potential

Dreaming and learning how to stand out and shine

Never judge God’s creations because you never know when it’s your time

dont judge me

Written by Lyrical Passion

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