Tired of…

Tired of waiting on the lies of promises that was once told

Waiting forever for promises to come through

How long are you going to keep me waiting?

Opportunities continue to knock again on heaven’s doors

Impatient to follow through according to plan

Bored by some of life’s transgressions

Tired of waiting and looking at the passing of the day

Trying to make the most out of the day

Trying to become positive within the sweetest creature God has made

Time waits on no one and yet I still remain in this hole

Trying to find the instructions to pure happiness

How long will my happiness last when I laugh or when I smile?

It’ doesn’t last long and I look at the life that I am living

Yet I’m tired of the promises

The lies

The disappointments

The smart mouths

The strangers that tends to judge my actions without knowing me

Tired of being tired

To find life and happiness once again

In love I don’t find happiness unless I allow it into my heart

Is he worthy of my happiness?

His non-commitment of a bunch of bull which I’m tired of

To deserve to be happy in my own personal disguise and personal space

But yet I’m still tired of all the fame

The games

The lies

Unseen faces that are fake

Secrets that are hurtful

Impatient for no reason when I’m tired of waiting for billions of years

Why should I have to suffer much longer than intended?

I deserve not to be sick and tired of being sick and tired

To wait

But yet that’s life

I’m also tired of being angry at the world in which I blame at times for wrong-doings

Opportunities that hasn’t knocked on my door in awhile

But a long time as I wait yet again for blessings to pour out of the sky

The blessings that I once deserved

Then again I’ll get tired of that too

Or maybe not because patience is a virtue to the earth

Nothing is wrong with being tired

To wake up feeling lonely and depressed

Thinking about the future which can be stressful

But I’m still waiting on promises to come

tired of..

Written by Lyrical Passion

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