Out of Existence

out of existence


Time stops for nothing

For no one

The clock continues to tick and moments are passed along

Reality becomes real once again

Words are exchanged and people continue to hate

I don’t exist where my real thoughts matter and people look past the situations

The words that doesn’t make sense to them

Like a language they don’t understand

You are just a number

Outnumbered that sometimes opinions don’t even matter when you have that gut feeling you may be right

Voices goes unheard and the happiness fades away and ends up on the window-stained glass

As rain and dew drops fall washing away the guilt

Everything is out of existence

As opened mouths doesn’t get fed too often

Words becomes weapons and humans become targets

When will freedom ring into the actual existence

Voices to be heard

Opinions to be shared

Reality to make sense once again

For this world to give a big break to those in need

Charities goals become met

A child’s tears turns into happiness

Darkness fades away and the sun light shines upon the nation

But some things will still remain buried and out of existence

Because nobody hears the voice

The words

The thoughts

The cries


The cries



All out

Out of existence


Written by Lyrical Passion

No one understands

uniquely me


No one understands what I feel inside

I don’t trust any more with my moments and secrets

No one to confide

I was I was left alone to fine my own way

To live in a place where peace comes by easy

Too much noise surrounds my inner thoughts

When I find myself opening up then I get the feeling they don’t want to listen or doesn’t understand

I give up hope to the skies because the silence wraps around my heart

My burdens of my soul will find a place to land

In the meantime no one to understand


To trust is to be a trust-worthy person

I must like you fully for you to even understand me

To look into my eyes to see the burning and tears

To only understand and see

I keep to myself because I’ve trained myself that way

My thoughts and visions I look upon

Inhaling this world night and day

Sometimes I hate staying at this place

I need my space!

To think and be at peace

My old thoughts seem to never decease

I want to bury them six feet under and kill them with my heart

No one to understand what goes on in my head

Don’t assume what I do and why I do it

Just going through the same old ish

Spitting a thousand words

I just wish

Wish that I lived in a world that understands me

And not judge me

Too many negativity that flows through me

Keeping to myself feels much safer

Too many bad influences and evil haters

Yeah I can be one

The one

I will look upon your heart to see if you are good for me

To be friends with me

Not to understand or see

Would you ever understand me?

My path

My loss

My pain

My burdens

My thoughts

Just being me

No one to understand me


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

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