A Classic Queen

think like a queen

I blink my eyes twice to see if this is just another fame fantasy

Looking between my eyes not knowing if I will find the real enemy

I step foot in this world not knowing what type of reaction I will get from this realistic reality

I wasn’t born with make-up or walking in 6 inch heels

I came born into the world of reality not knowing how a real queen should feel

But my heart is always protected from the man hood of insanity; just let the queen heal

I am dignified and chasing after my first love; the passion of being an independent queen

Beautiful and bold; but don’t get it twisted, I’m living on my throne of dynasty

Always going to keep her head above water and allow the queen to be seen

Enough of the heartaches and headaches of pissy lies and sorrow and pathetic cries

Broken relationships that went sour

At least I’m not messing around anytime of the hour

That’s the king’s job to please the queen indeed

To indulge her soul with royals and gems and pearls; to treat her like a deluxe meal

But only to seal the real deal

No more messy lies and unwanted text messages of BS crap that was written on the wall of shame

Look at me

Take a good look at what’s standing in front of you

I’m still and always will be

A Classic Queen

Holding her head up high and never letting her crown of royal and power fall off

To sit up high on her throne

What’s the big deal if this queen is meant to be alone?

She wouldn’t have to worry about any more heartaches or for her heart to once again be sewn

Living in a world of pure hate from other sistahs who has no dignity and shame

This isn’t just a game

She doesn’t have to have the fame but to be known of her worth

Her true worth

A big part of her soul

In the light of heaven she will be seen

Always sitting on her throne

Like a real natural

Classic Queen!

Written by Lyrical Passion

Dedicated to all the women who are Classic Queens

“A Classic Queen All Day Every day!” (c) InspirationZ by Patrice

A Woman’s Emotions

Can you hear her cries upon her bosom of sorrows?

Worried that no one will ever hear her, she stands alone worried about tomorrow

Will tomorrow ever comes bringing her happiness to her burdened heart?

Feeling rejected and bruised by the emotional abuse; a love affair that sets her apart

Looking into a man’s eyes wondering what type of control he has upon her feelings

Searching for answers in the wrong place as her life of depression is still reeling

Give her hope that soon she will be able to dry away her aching tears

To be loved and renewed again

To show that she is a strong woman when she looks  into the mirror

Reflections of a beautiful soul

Her emotional being; saddened songs unfold

God created her and still He continues to mold

A woman’s emotions 

Delicate flower of this earth

Listen to her cries

Her heart

A story that’s untold




Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

A Woman’s Heart



Sweet divine spirits that enlightens her soul with just one touch

 Love hard til it bleeds and burise

Unitl there is nothing left

Tears overflowing at the thought of being a great woman

For a man that stabilizes her heart again

Rationalizing with the heart beats that has dealt with a lot in the past

Hurt written across her mind

Soul riped of the heartaches

Battered stimulations

Cleansing his wombs; alone hers

A voice that’s weak, but a heart that’s strong

Never broken but an image that will always remain strong

Expressions that lays in a dark place unheard and unforgiven

A man that used to love her

Abandoned her spirits

Left in the cold

Alone and speechless

Given away by an unfamiliar love that speaks a strange language

Thinking with her heart, forgetting the hell she has been through

Walking alone bare-footed; staggering on love’s road

A heart that doesn’t forgets; never breaks

Strong to handle

A love too deep

A Woman’s Heart


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers Copyrighted January 2014 (c) 


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