In Love with the Hustle

I’m so in love with you

I can’t move on without you

So in tuned with you

Lord what am I going to do without you

In my life

Thinking about you day and night

I am lusting over you

I can’t get over the fact that I love you!

What is a girl to do!

I’m in love with my dreams and my ambitions

My visions and my business

My branding of my heart

No negativity or worldly danger is going to tear that apart!

Written by Lyrical Passion


What lies between your heart?

That’s filled with the passion that you love so dear

The reactions seems to give you that ultimate satisfaction

Your passion that is

Laying between your heart and your soul

Dreaming of it

Sleeping with it like you’re having a fantasy affair

But that burning desire creates all types of fire

That burning desire can take and lift your spiritĀ  up higher

And higher

And higher

Floating above you

Placing no one else above you

It’s your passion

Giving you that intimate pleasure

Your dreams and visions are all you have

It’s apart of your mind and your everyday routine

Breathing it

Eating it

Sleeping with it like an obsession

An addiction

An addiction to your future

Your dreams and visions goes a long way and it will continue to follow you

Until success meets you yet once again

Stay in the race to win

Your destiny arises never despises

New beginnings arising

Written by Lyrical Passion

Hustle Until I die

Look beyond my pretty face

My petite frame

I’m no longer in the fame

But just remaining in the game

The life of a hustler

Hustling my writing as I do this for a profession

Digging deeper into the eyes of my soul as I’m making a transgression

Yes it’s an obsession

The ink dipping I do so well

But I rather just call it a blessing

Creative minds thinking a like

As I plan my next chapter of my life

Writing will always remain my hustle

My daily grinding

My visual canvas

Words to speak to me

Constantly finding

My purpose in life

I was made to be a writer

A poet

An author

A unique me

So I’m gonna keep hustling until I die

Ride or die

It’s what I do best

Drunk off of my words

My stories

But first I must give God all the honor and Glory

As I continue to pen my story

authoress patrice

Written by Lyrical Passion

New Hope

new hope

Diving back into my soul

Just to dig deep

And rewrite the blueprint of my dreams

To have more faith and patience

This is what God has been telling me

Hard it may seems

But I love what I do

Allowing my creativity to flow

Looking back at what I have accomplished so far

I’m an angel with a Diva glow

New hopes I’m praying on for a better life and a stronger future that will keep promises of my heart

Remaining strong in whatever I’m feeling as long as I don’t drift apart

Written by Lyrical Passion

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