A Fool Called Love

Love that lasted for a lifetime

When was love going to be just fine?

Every time cupid shoots his arrow, always thinking that’s it’s time

But I get my hopes up to claim what is mine 

That maybe love was never for me; just only a bad sign

Sick of all the disappointments and happiness that turns into a temporary fix

As I think about past love and relationships that’s now making me sick!

I’m sick of this love shit!

When will it ever be my time

To find a King that will chose me

And not get scared when he almost lose me

Love shouldn’t hurt this bad 

Never to make you sad

But love can sometimes make you glad

When it’s the right kind of love

And not a love that is already being used by somebody else

Storing it away collecting dust on the library bookshelf

And then I have to just think of myself

Embracing the pain

This love thing isn’t a game

But I felt like my love has been played

Emotionally stressed and mentally drained for days

Knowing that I will bounce back

This is only a phase

And I have to deal with my pain and feelings for days

I hate it

The way love hurts and the way it makes me feel

I will soon have to pick up the pieces and learn to just deal

From now on my heart will be sealed

And love can’t ever enter

The way it hurts so bad like a bad splinter

Written by Lyrical Passion

Valentine’s Day

The way you stared at me the first time we met

Held hands in public

Feeling the warmth of your soul

Hold me closer and read my mind of painful memories that ended up to be memorable one’s 

Once your actions of love spoke clearer with your stares

Feeling like a little kid at the state county fairs

Can you read my mind and tell me what I’m thinking at the present moment?

A smile that has melted your heart completely

And you are speechless as our favorite song plays in the car

Listening to every word that has taken us by surprise 

A lover’s game that has been played too well

I know it too well

But as we dance in circles

Our hearts still remains the same

I am the same person you have fell in love with

And I want to be that chick that spends the future laying upon your soul

The purity of the heavens looks down upon us

God watches our love sights

Not to fight

But fight for each other

What more can a girl say

But to wish you a special Happy Valentine’s Day!



Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

Special Day

Open up your mind to me and allow me to read you like a book

The thoughts I want to know

How you feel about a pretty young thang?

Alone in the wilderness, my lyrics I will sing

Upon your heart under the stars

The moon sets the atmosphere

Our heart engages into the precipitation

Mixing the feelings of pure engagement

As the words of passion lies upon our hearts of engraving

A special day of sharing love between others

Enjoying the laughs and company

Not knowing if you will ever see them again

I come in peace never in sin

Our love story I wish to begin

Far away in an unknown land of great memories to follow

Never to end

A path that leads to eternity

Two souls that stays in the reflection of a blessing

special day


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

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