Crying Over Spoiled Milk

You used to be someone special to me

Approaching me was the greatest thing you have ever done

Smiling and flirting trying to spit that game

Learning that you were married only put men like you to shame

But as a fool I allowed you to play on my mind

More as prey upon my soul one day at a time

You weren’t a weak guy, but you were setting me up 

A plan all in a disguise

When guys like you play in the streets and collect danger in their territory

Finding innocent prey that looks lonely and vulnerable

You once didn’t feel bad; no sorry in order

You knew exactly what you was doing

Those sexy eyes and spitting flame in your game

I was now caught in your web of intoxication

As I began to lie with you writing a story of fornication

You led me on to believe that you loved me and cared for me

But your only plan was to wine and dine me, making me feel good inside and out

In my mind; yes I did had several doubts

But you was catering to me and giving me the attention women adore

But how can I have given you my whole heart when you was going to break it all along

I’m tired of playing the same old sad song!

On my record it keeps playing after every guy has done me wrong

When God has been telling me to wait all along

I was hot and on fire

For this sinful love that I have been dreaming off

I felt like I was on cloud nine and giving thanks to the love god up above

I knew this love was toxic and wrong

But at the same time it felt good and so right

That sometimes I didn’t care if he even had a wife

Late nights and love talking 

Then heated arguments and at work stalking

This was getting too dangerous 

As I cried late nights because of broken hearts

My heart cries for you each and every day

As a street and hood person you don’t have any emotions or feelings

At the end of the day it was never true love when late nights you were dealing

I’m back here crying and moping over a love I thought was real

But in the end, God has finally intervened and starts to show me the light and the real deal

That what I have done was wrong and I had to pay

Emotional stress, mentally drained, ugly girl cries each and every day

How can a guy have me hypnotized?

Let’s be for real that his dick game had me dickmatized!

Yes ladies you know what I’m talking about when he gives you what you want and tries to sexually satisfy your sexual desires

Late night conversations while you are feeling the passionate sensations

And deep penetrations

Wondering why I am crying over spilled milk that was already spoiled from the very beginning

Giving him my energy and power because I think I still love him

But how could I still be in love with a married man with a nasty past?

I should have known this hidden secret will never last

Mentally not focused and still angry at how he used me and treated me

That’s what I get for jumping the broom and loving so fast

Oh well, lessons to be learned as I continue to stitch up my broken heart as it’s been broken too many times 

I’m just going to sit here and give up on love

Tired of trying

Let love come to me

Only to bless me while I continue to heal and set my soul free


Written by Lyrical Passion


I Only Cry At Night

once the moon has set

i  feel free within myself

to express myself in my mind and in my thoughts

without no one listening

watching me

i’m at a peaceful place in my head where i can think out loud

to cry one last time

or maybe for  eternally

no one understands the pain but me

i’m bottled up like a genie

come grant my wish as i isolate myself in my peaceful place

my soul that talks to me 

rainy days this may seems

as the puddles of my tears that pours down

and the voices inside of my head screams at me for yet another mistake

i think all types of thoughts

to give up

forget about life

end all of the miseries


she’s gone into the darkness of the world

to become free of all frustrations and tears

peace at last as i gaze up at the stars

the dimness of the lamp that only gives little life

then looking back at me

gasping for air

as the tears slow down

no one knows what i go through at night

trying to sleep and comfort myself within the tears of misery and depression

i’m all alone

walking all alone

in the darkness

no one can’t hear my silent cries

i try to hide them and wipe them away quickly so that no one suspects a thing


it’s almost over

i hear the moon and the wind howling at me to calm down and drown on my own tears

to be free of this

what is this?

who are you?

i only cry at night because it’s only better to allow myself to see the pain

to hear the muffled cries

to be alone

me and my thoughts

another sleepless night as i try to get my tears to rock me to sleep

cries that soothes me

to end my miseries

another story has  fallen out of the corner of my heart

as i wipe my tears and sleep for the remainder of the night not forgetting the painful thoughts

i only cry at night

Written by Lyrical Passion

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