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I really appreciate those who takes the time out to read my poems. Please feel free to leave comments on them as well. I do really appreciate the likes but i really want feedback as well. Shout out to Marcel “Lino” Robles for all the love and comments on my poetry every week. You are greatly appreciated. Instead of eriting a new poem tonihht, I will just be posting a picture. Feel free to write a short poem on it. Thanks again for the follows!


OCT 161


In honor of Sickle Cell Awareness Month in September, this poem is dedicated to everyone globally living with this deadly disease…

sickle cell awareness 2

This disease

Invisible as this may seem

Looking at the colored lines

Between the IV lines…

Between the pain we are in

This isn’t a curse or a deadly sin

Does our skin color makes you wonder

When our eyes are filled with weakness?

Will you stop to help us out to show your kindness and meekness?

We are still pushed to the back

Like they did Rosa Parks on the black and white bus

Let this disease have a good fight just because

Just because we wish not to be invisible any longer

To stand out and to speak out

To get attention we deserve

To march up and stand strong

Sickle Warriors

Marching in one heard

Don’t dare push us away

We are here to stay

We are not scared any longer

Our voice needs to be heard

This disease isn’t invisible

It’s very much alive

It’s not a secret

We want justice!

And for you to confide

We have a voice

Standing firm

Sickle cell it’s your turn

To fight back

Not to allow the negativity to attack

We are strong



This disease isn’t invisible

Just wait and see!

Written by Lyrical Passion

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