A Woman’s Heart



Sweet divine spirits that enlightens her soul with just one touch

 Love hard til it bleeds and burise

Unitl there is nothing left

Tears overflowing at the thought of being a great woman

For a man that stabilizes her heart again

Rationalizing with the heart beats that has dealt with a lot in the past

Hurt written across her mind

Soul riped of the heartaches

Battered stimulations

Cleansing his wombs; alone hers

A voice that’s weak, but a heart that’s strong

Never broken but an image that will always remain strong

Expressions that lays in a dark place unheard and unforgiven

A man that used to love her

Abandoned her spirits

Left in the cold

Alone and speechless

Given away by an unfamiliar love that speaks a strange language

Thinking with her heart, forgetting the hell she has been through

Walking alone bare-footed; staggering on love’s road

A heart that doesn’t forgets; never breaks

Strong to handle

A love too deep

A Woman’s Heart


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers Copyrighted January 2014 (c) 


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