Drunk on My Fears


It’s me.. the author and poet

Painting my words upon the skies

Drunk off words and ink-filled high

I write my pain away

Like stars are shining and shooting new dreamsĀ 

Can I wish upon it if I may

Sitting at the edge of my throne filled with new ideas and blooming dreams

But fears always gets the best of me it always seems


It’s me again…. a girl that wants to only succeed

Without the heavy burdens, stress, worries and greed

The smiles disappears when I am faced with my situations

It’s fear again

The light goes out again…

In my mind as I’m put into a tiring bind

But I’m strong and I will continue to be brave and fight through the hardest of times

With a little patience and hope

I will be just fine..


Written by Lyrical Passion


Can’t sleep

Demons are keeping me awake at night

As they laugh at me

Burning in the pure fires of hell

What have I done?

In my mind I have already fell

Deep into the burning flames

I can’t sleep as my mind races on the punishment of the world

I pray to get out of this

Insomnia has me chained and I cant get out

My mind is locked on what evilness shall do

Insomnia has me awake


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

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