30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 23 “The Nature of Love”

2015-04-22 22.01.51

Photography by Patrice Rivers AKA Lyrical Passion

Let’s stand in the middle of love

To shrink ourselves to fit in the size of a flower

Hiding away from the world

To be alone with nature

Written by Lyrical Passion

Picture was taken outside on my deck.

Planting a NEW Seed

new plant w clipping path Photo credit by http://www.compredia.com

Your life is in your hands

You can choose to go left or go right

Shift to a better season

To a better you

Whatever you do change it for the best and the best will see you through

Plant your sorrows

Your burdens and bury it without feeling no mercy

Plant a new seed in the ground for preparations

A higher manifestation

A new revelation

More positive changes that will shift your season

To give you a powerful reason

Don’t stop now because time has come

Changes will be made

It’s your season

Don’t allow your soul to follow back to your past

Count your blessings carefully because they are the ones that will always last

Spring is in the air and it’s time for a new season

A new start

So start now

By planting a new seed

Happiness is on the way

A change indeed


Written by Lyrical Passion


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30 Day Challenge: “Spring in the Air”

spring is in the air

Spring blooming

Warm weather

Feather kisses

Laughter in the air

Family gathering

Smiles upon faces

Happy times

New beginnings

New growth of hearts

Happiness in the air

Peace all around

Written by Lyrical Passion