Dancing Alone

The music softly plays in the background

I listen for your sweet whispers telling me you enjoy my company

I smile and inhale all the wonderful things that love can do to your soul

Your heart

Your mind

Finally I am close enough to him again where I can smell the scent of his passion

Then as the song ends you disappear into the night leaving me all alone in the middle of nowhere

Alone in forever times

Alone with my emotional thoughts of emptiness

Once again I’m dancing alone

Written by Lyrical Passion

I Can’t Help But Love You

I can’t help but see the smile on your face when you see me

The love I can’t explain sets my soul free

We may fight, fuss, laugh and joke

Make up kiss again

Make up sex again

But the feelings I have for you isn’t going to go away

Dirty feelings of sin

I can’t ever regret this love over and over again

You caught me and I fell deep and hard

To test my heart to see how long this love will go very far

It did and I was scared of what the end results would be

More fights and fussing

Revenge and more cussing

 But I still can’t help but to love you no matter what the consequence is

Your heart  tickles me pink just like on top of a soda pop fizz

Written by Lyrical Passion

Last Tear

I’ve been playing the same old song in my head

Crying the same old tears; nothing left to shed

I’ve had my share of pouts and frustrations

I loved how God sent you to me or for a reason

A loving creation

You meant everything to me and then some but it’s time to move on

To stop plotting

To stop crying over lost love

A love that was never meant to be

I just want God to set my soul free!

To take off the controlling thoughts that haunts my daydreams

Taking off the chains and shackles because this life is ready for a new me

And I can’t be that new me crying and thinking about something that’s lost forever

But I still won’t say no to love, no not ever

I had my share of heartaches and pain and the tears that seem to cloud my vision

Taking a major lost in the love department and trying to heal from a wounded incision

I know God has something better for me if only I learn to forgive my past sins

All I want now is for God to give me a new life to begin

I’m not the perfect human being nor the perfect Christian

This is the real deal and not some ordinary character in a book of fiction

The love I shared with you was for real and our love was magical friction

A love too deep and full of addiction

I no longer want to feel alone, vulnerable or broken-hearted as an outlet of fear

I won’t ever stop loving you as I continue to keep your love near

But darling my true love this will have to be the last tear

Written by Lyrical Passion

Let My Fame Shine!

I stand before you

Microphone propped up

Words that will surely roll off the tongue

Dressed to impressed

As I take the stage

Been an insider for too long

Writing has been my first love

Trapped in a hidden agenda

Not sure what the world will think of my words that plays upon your mind

Visualize as I speak them to you

Ladies and Gents

Take your seats as the wonderful Lyrical Passion takes the stage

I know longer read from my poetry books of stories and fantasies

But to tell you a story

To take you on a ride along

To my place

Enter Lyrical’s space

The erotics and inspirations

The motivations of my poetry style

I’ll have the room spinning and heated with my words to give you an encore

I’m certain and sure

I want my fame to shine as all eyes on me

As I walk on stage dressed to impress

Shaken and Seductively

I pour out my lyrics of stories

Of words that I have kept hidden on my canvas

Can’t you see the vivid mixtures of colors?

Pouring from my heart and speaking from my tongue

Listen to the arrays and metaphors I tell you

Swaying and sitting on the stage

All eyes on me now





I’m about to tell you a story

Allow me to be famous and enter the fantasies of my spotlight

Give me the microphone over and over and allow this young poet to spill her inkwell

So vividly

So emotionally


Filled with the poetic ink

Holding her own

Speaking to the atmosphere filled with fans and all types of people

Give me the chance to tell it all what I have hidden for too long

Allow me to hold the spotlight and your heart if I might

Watch me work


Poetically upon your soul

You will get mixed and entwined with my inner beauty of sassiness and sexiness

I got a story to tell

Just give me the microphone

And allow my fame to shine!

let my fame shine

Written by Lyrical Passion

Blissful Night

I want to be at peace with the silence of my lips

The confidence in my hips

The prosperity of my soul

Striving to do my best and follow the visions

Whether young or old

Sleeping peaceful as I hear the thoughts on repeat

Promises of what God has said and blessings to keep

My soul I want cleansed

Like a newborn when it first comes out of it’s mother’s womb

Trying to decease my tongue of strong venom

Not saying too much too soon

A peaceful ending that allows laughter and joy upon my sacred heart

What more could the devil and the evil world do to try and tear me apart?

I’m willing to start over

To paint my life over from the start

Let this be a peaceful and blissful night

My goals and remedies of happiness are always in sight

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

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