A Brand New Life… (Mend me again)

I try to bring happiness to my dark clouds

The ones that try to get in the way of my present and my future

It’s funny how the Devil wants to see me going through

I’m careful about how my emotions are controlled

That I won’t let the world get me down

I try to make my heart sunny-side up and look forward to all the possibilities that I have to offer

A lot of people don’t want us to succeed

But I’m still going to shine bright and keep my head on my shoulders

You better believe!

Cleansing the environment where I breathe in

To inhale the fresh air

The smell of a new start

A new beginning

Soon again I will be back on the right path

Again winning

I allow the breeze to run through my pores

I’m giving my life to Him

Watching Him as He opens doors

I need a revelation to keep my life back again

I’m tired of the games

I’m tired of the sins

Allow me to live this life once more again…

patrice june 15th

Written by Lyrical Passion

Almost Gave up…… Again

Left alone in the darkness too long

Years I shall say

Living an unhappy life where smiles were turned to tears





I hate being in the dark

All alone

All by myself

No one to help me or save me from myself

Hurting myself over and over again mentally and emotionally

My mind wanders upon the darkness in a land of evil

I want to break free and become delivered for good


For a lifetime

To feel the positive vibes of life and to reconnect again to the Light

The light that will lead me on the right path

I have to leave the darkness alone and recognize my talents of this world

To be successful among myself and my peers

To live happily ever ever

To do what makes me happy

A tomorrow that isn’t promised but never having to worry about getting caught

To look forward to something good in my life

I have retired from being in the darkness way too long

The light that has renewed my purity and iniquities and allowing me to walk the grounds again with my head hung high

I raise my hands to testify the hardships that I don’t want anymore

To be relieved from the devil’s workshop and evil doings

Pouring out from beneath my pores the demons

As prayer has to make a difference to wash me again and purify my heart

It won’t be easy

But I have to do this for me

And to become happy again with my life

My future that shall be promising

I rise towards the Light 

And smile upon the Heavenly skies


almost gave up...again


Written by Lyrical Passion

A Lost Soul

When you hate your mind

Your thought process

You hate the flesh that you have become

To live in a world filled with hate

The tongue that is powerful

Lashing out at innocent creatures

Do you feel guilty?

Sitting around waiting for the devil to signal you to curse those who hasn’t bother you

You just shoot them in the heart with your tongue without thinking things through

You show no mercy but your anger elevates

Your mind is filled with the dirty hate

You don’t feel guilty at the present moment

As the devil wears your best smile

The sneaky kind that reads people

To smell the fresh bait that you are about to attack next

Maybe the people that are sick and dying

You cursed him wishing that they would die

And to my surprise they lash back at you

The devil has you right where he wants you

But in the end you feel guilty for your words

The hurtful and devastating words that you can’t take back

You start to feel guilty

Tossing and turning in your own sins

Your own guilt

The devil is laughing at you

Because he has won again

Your flesh is weak and yet again you have sinned

Now what is the next move?

You repent to God and beg for His mercy to save you from yourself once again

To relieve you from your sins

So that you can have peace yet again

But it must stop

The tongue lashing must stop

So that you can be blessed from a spiritual level

To become happy

To stop thinking negative

To encourage those without playing the part of the hypocrite

To stop talking to the devil

It must end as your pity and sickness is venting in thin air

When you  take off the mask

People still don’t really care

They don’t see the bad side

Only the side you portray and show

But your evil darkness side must be killed

So you can grow

To help others in the kingdom

To become the child God has molded you to become

Hatred has you by the throat

But you must let go of the anger

And figure out what’s keeping you from being happy

The girl who has fallen too many times

Is grieving for help

She is drowning on her own tears

Fears that haunts her as she does her dirty work when nobody knows

A lost soul that needs forgiving

To seek forgiveness

A lost soul she is

As I stare back at her in the mirror

In silence


a lost soul

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

The Deepest Love

A poem from my book “Lyrical Passion Tears from my Inkwell” Published November 2013


How strong is your love?

Is it strong enough to hold somebody’s heart?

When you love hard, are you good at not letting that person fall apart?

What type of love do you possess?

A strong bondage of love

We always put it up for a test

Let’s all confess

It’s not easy to love hard and not feel the returned love back

Love is patient

Love is kind

Love isn’t jealous

As a matter of fact

How long does it take for you to love somebody and simply mean it?

Love stands on its own two feet

It’s like a brick wall

Love won’t have to fit

When love hurts us

We fall down on our knees with tears streaming down our faces

If love gonna continue to break our hearts over and over again

Then there is no point to love again

If that’s the case

We meet different people and different people come into our lives for different reasons

Love will vanish from your life, disappears just like the season

But you have to pick yourself up and remain strong when the evilness of love strikes back

The next time love walks into your life

You should know how to act

Love sometimes makes us weak

That we get so depressed

You are too blessed to be stressed

Don’t feed into your love mess

Sometimes we look for love in all the wrong places

Trying to fill the empty spaces

Stop trying to love for love!

Let love find you

A new love, the way it will make you feel brand new

The dangers of love will make your head spin

As if you are about to commit a sin

The deepest love is all within

All within

You have been broken down



Can’t sleep because you are thinking about that lost love

That one love

The DEEPEST love

As the love angels are falling from above

The drops of visible love are bonded like two doves

When people say they love you

But leave you

They never knew what true love was

You forget the feeling when you are through!

You still begging people to love you back so you can feel loved!

You can’t beg for love!

Just be patient

Trying to multiply the number of people who love you and subtract the love pains like an equation

The deepest love

The REAL love is God himself

When others have broken your heart

God never left!

He will ALWAYS remain in your heart

‘Til death do you part

The real love is God

He might not be your last love or your first love or a love whiz

But whatever you are going through

Whenever you need to be comforted

God will do that without hesitating

He’ll show you love when you are at your lowest and meditating

When you’re lonely

He’ll be there for you even in the time of need

You won’t have to be a follower

He wants you to take His hand and He’ll lead

When the word love has given up and all you are dealing with are scrubs

Just look over your shoulders and embrace the



Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

Dear God, I’m Still Listening

Dear God, I'm Still Listening

Dear God, I sent a letter to you today God,

Expressing all my pain and hurts that this blinded world has put me through

The Hell that I still went through

Who is this black beauty standing in the mirrors with eyes so crystal clear that you can see the past of the burdens this old rugged world has put her through?

I want to scream with everything and all the power and strength that I have left inside of me

Never thought things of a cold shattered body could feel so lonely..

So empty

Looking for someone or something to feel up her empty thoughts and refresh them with stories that will uplift the spirit..

To bring me within one…break bondadge and fly away with a million dollar smile stuck to my face

Lord have mercy on my soul as I tiptoe through this thing called life…

Dang, I wanna do right..

I try to do right

But you know how hard it is to decease deadly tongues trying to prove a point of flesh when really they are acting like the Devil’s child!

Spitting out venom that tries to feed off the weak flesh

That’s right!

The path I walk on has some twists and turns, but one day I want to be able to spread my wings God and fly away in peace knowing that my mission here on Earth is completed

Dear God,

Yes I’m writing you this letter because you have been with me every step of the way and know and hear my struggles

You understand the things I do and the feelings I feel

The depression that has almost got the best of me

Blinded by the darkness for too long!

I need to be led by the light

Your light of course

I feel my heart as it reaps the pain

I sure ain’t got time for these silly love games

Immature boys that call themselves men

Degrading women and putting women down to shame

Lord, guide my footsteps

I’ve walked on the wrong path for far too long,

Feeling confused

Mentally and emotionally abused, but I”m learning now

A Black woman who still stands on her own two feet

Struggling with the unity of her own

Finding her own self; visions imprinted upon my soul as I follow my heart

To fight and keep hope alive

I want to be the one in disguise so that no one remembers my faults

Well..that’s what a lot of people do is remember your faults rather than seeing the good

Like a ghetto black boy trapped in the hood

With no money and no hopes and living with no dreams

True story for those who may live this actual case of reality

Facing others who struggle with things bigger than my issues

I wanted to write this letter to you God to let you know that I’m a Black angel who wants to protect myself from harm

Your presence I feel gently squeezing me upon my arms

Of course you gonna stay by myside and whisper all the secrets to success as You continue to watch me grow

Wiping away the virtual tears and taking a deep breath and take things a little more seriously

Because the struggle is real and reality is realer

I want to become better than my past and of the years I was before

Mold me to become one with my spiritual heart, soul and mind

No more fears and no more cries

This soldier isn’t ready to die

As this letter ends, I seal it with fearless thoughts

A strong mind and a new battle that’s ready to be fought

I write this letter to you God

The creator of all times

I confess to you

I’m still listening to you God

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers Copyrighted 2014

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