A Brand New Life… (Mend me again)

I try to bring happiness to my dark clouds

The ones that try to get in the way of my present and my future

It’s funny how the Devil wants to see me going through

I’m careful about how my emotions are controlled

That I won’t let the world get me down

I try to make my heart sunny-side up and look forward to all the possibilities that I have to offer

A lot of people don’t want us to succeed

But I’m still going to shine bright and keep my head on my shoulders

You better believe!

Cleansing the environment where I breathe in

To inhale the fresh air

The smell of a new start

A new beginning

Soon again I will be back on the right path

Again winning

I allow the breeze to run through my pores

I’m giving my life to Him

Watching Him as He opens doors

I need a revelation to keep my life back again

I’m tired of the games

I’m tired of the sins

Allow me to live this life once more again…

patrice june 15th

Written by Lyrical Passion

From the Inside

Bleeding from my inside

My wombs has never healed

My suicidal letter still mentally remains in my mind

Feel like giving up on this timeless life

Why shall I live another notch

I can’t take anymore of the hate that triggers my mind

To take a bullet and blow my mind

I’m dying on the inside

I’m screaming on the inside

I’m holding my pain on the inside


Why does it have to be like this?

Why does my tongue have to slip once again

Damn sins

I just want to start my life over again

From scratch!

The end!

I Only Cry At Night

once the moon has set

i  feel free within myself

to express myself in my mind and in my thoughts

without no one listening

watching me

i’m at a peaceful place in my head where i can think out loud

to cry one last time

or maybe for  eternally

no one understands the pain but me

i’m bottled up like a genie

come grant my wish as i isolate myself in my peaceful place

my soul that talks to me 

rainy days this may seems

as the puddles of my tears that pours down

and the voices inside of my head screams at me for yet another mistake

i think all types of thoughts

to give up

forget about life

end all of the miseries


she’s gone into the darkness of the world

to become free of all frustrations and tears

peace at last as i gaze up at the stars

the dimness of the lamp that only gives little life

then looking back at me

gasping for air

as the tears slow down

no one knows what i go through at night

trying to sleep and comfort myself within the tears of misery and depression

i’m all alone

walking all alone

in the darkness

no one can’t hear my silent cries

i try to hide them and wipe them away quickly so that no one suspects a thing


it’s almost over

i hear the moon and the wind howling at me to calm down and drown on my own tears

to be free of this

what is this?

who are you?

i only cry at night because it’s only better to allow myself to see the pain

to hear the muffled cries

to be alone

me and my thoughts

another sleepless night as i try to get my tears to rock me to sleep

cries that soothes me

to end my miseries

another story has  fallen out of the corner of my heart

as i wipe my tears and sleep for the remainder of the night not forgetting the painful thoughts

i only cry at night

Written by Lyrical Passion

Reaping Sorrow

She watched her daughter being dragged out the door by the law

A burden on her mother’s heart she saw

Tears that wouldn’t stop overflowing

No mercy or sympathy the girl was showing

She was finally caught red-handed

The world has betrayed her

God still couldn’t understand it

She finally felt scared and abandoned

The law didn’t care and she couldn’t show any emotions to show her true colors

The mother started to pray

A long good prayer

Thinking that the law was being unfair

But it has caught up to her daughter’s head

“Pray” was all the mother said

Watching her daughter get into the car

She won’t ever see her again for a long time

A love lost that has been taken too far

reaping sorrow

Written by Lyrical Passion

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