Dancing Alone

The music softly plays in the background

I listen for your sweet whispers telling me you enjoy my company

I smile and inhale all the wonderful things that love can do to your soul

Your heart

Your mind

Finally I am close enough to him again where I can smell the scent of his passion

Then as the song ends you disappear into the night leaving me all alone in the middle of nowhere

Alone in forever times

Alone with my emotional thoughts of emptiness

Once again I’m dancing alone

Written by Lyrical Passion

Giving Too Much of You

When you give too much of your love

Your mind is wondering about if you will get hurt in the end

That’s what you will get when you put out just a little bit too much to lend

What will happen when your heart gets broken and you have to start over again?

Wondering if giving too much of yourself will allow love to be defeated or win?



Written by Lyrical Passion 


I Only Cry At Night

once the moon has set

i  feel free within myself

to express myself in my mind and in my thoughts

without no one listening

watching me

i’m at a peaceful place in my head where i can think out loud

to cry one last time

or maybe for  eternally

no one understands the pain but me

i’m bottled up like a genie

come grant my wish as i isolate myself in my peaceful place

my soul that talks to me 

rainy days this may seems

as the puddles of my tears that pours down

and the voices inside of my head screams at me for yet another mistake

i think all types of thoughts

to give up

forget about life

end all of the miseries


she’s gone into the darkness of the world

to become free of all frustrations and tears

peace at last as i gaze up at the stars

the dimness of the lamp that only gives little life

then looking back at me

gasping for air

as the tears slow down

no one knows what i go through at night

trying to sleep and comfort myself within the tears of misery and depression

i’m all alone

walking all alone

in the darkness

no one can’t hear my silent cries

i try to hide them and wipe them away quickly so that no one suspects a thing


it’s almost over

i hear the moon and the wind howling at me to calm down and drown on my own tears

to be free of this

what is this?

who are you?

i only cry at night because it’s only better to allow myself to see the pain

to hear the muffled cries

to be alone

me and my thoughts

another sleepless night as i try to get my tears to rock me to sleep

cries that soothes me

to end my miseries

another story has  fallen out of the corner of my heart

as i wipe my tears and sleep for the remainder of the night not forgetting the painful thoughts

i only cry at night

Written by Lyrical Passion

A Lost Soul

When you hate your mind

Your thought process

You hate the flesh that you have become

To live in a world filled with hate

The tongue that is powerful

Lashing out at innocent creatures

Do you feel guilty?

Sitting around waiting for the devil to signal you to curse those who hasn’t bother you

You just shoot them in the heart with your tongue without thinking things through

You show no mercy but your anger elevates

Your mind is filled with the dirty hate

You don’t feel guilty at the present moment

As the devil wears your best smile

The sneaky kind that reads people

To smell the fresh bait that you are about to attack next

Maybe the people that are sick and dying

You cursed him wishing that they would die

And to my surprise they lash back at you

The devil has you right where he wants you

But in the end you feel guilty for your words

The hurtful and devastating words that you can’t take back

You start to feel guilty

Tossing and turning in your own sins

Your own guilt

The devil is laughing at you

Because he has won again

Your flesh is weak and yet again you have sinned

Now what is the next move?

You repent to God and beg for His mercy to save you from yourself once again

To relieve you from your sins

So that you can have peace yet again

But it must stop

The tongue lashing must stop

So that you can be blessed from a spiritual level

To become happy

To stop thinking negative

To encourage those without playing the part of the hypocrite

To stop talking to the devil

It must end as your pity and sickness is venting in thin air

When you  take off the mask

People still don’t really care

They don’t see the bad side

Only the side you portray and show

But your evil darkness side must be killed

So you can grow

To help others in the kingdom

To become the child God has molded you to become

Hatred has you by the throat

But you must let go of the anger

And figure out what’s keeping you from being happy

The girl who has fallen too many times

Is grieving for help

She is drowning on her own tears

Fears that haunts her as she does her dirty work when nobody knows

A lost soul that needs forgiving

To seek forgiveness

A lost soul she is

As I stare back at her in the mirror

In silence


a lost soul

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

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