Another Opportunity

When I fall you are there to catch me

When I’m in trouble you protect me from harm

You are there for me every step of the way

Like my morning, noon and night alarm

You wake me up to tell me what I have done wrong

Even when I have abandoned you when I thought you never hear my cries

When over the years, you were right there protecting me all along

When I fall you are there to catch me

When I’m in trouble you protect me from harm

Like my morning, noon and night alarm

Another opportunity

Written by Lyrical Passion

You Have the Last Say So…

You molded me with your strength and with me in mind created a vision

Creating my mind to carry out the purpose you have fulfilled for me

Only you know the pain that I will have

The struggles I have dealt

The opportunities that I had to make it all better

But I chose the worldly ways

Reminiscing about the days of giving up

Tears that would overflow upon my heart

You have the last say so..

To when my life will end one day

Living my life to the fullest without any regrets

Every learning experience is a stepping stone for improvement

And for greatness

Fight my battles for me as I enjoy life’s happiness

Inhaling each day that I am allowed to get up and start my day

The battle is yours

As I surround myself with the positive thoughts

Thinking back on the many days and years I have fought

Wasting life’s precious time over nothing…

As I close my eyes

I’m releasing all my stress and worries to you so that I can now enjoy each moment of my life

Until I depart from this Earth

Because you have the last say so…

you have the last say so

Written by Lyrical Passion

After This

They said that old wounds heal after time

The destruction that has kept us in a dark place for so long

But when things seems to fall in place

Playing in our ears, your favorite song

Cries drowned us and washed us in the iniquities of our souls

Wondering why the past contentment still follows us as we grow old

When enough is enough we have to break the chains and take off the shackles

To release the pain from miseries 

Painted in a dark cloud; a real imagery

The storm is almost over; never giving up

It’s called faith so don’t live by luck

The dark cries and the hell that was only brought on us as a test

A test of strong faith

A strong human-being

Being tested in an unjustly world


After this

The sun will continue to shine bright

Sometimes we go through things to put on a fight

I’m not writing this in a poetic sense of mind to preach and shout

But to only share a piece of encouragement without a doubt

For the dark days will pass

Teas fades away until a vacant spot

Brighter days are coming for 

A God still exists in this time 

This generation

Standing among mountain tops

Reigning from all over these nations

Put away the deadly behaviors that causes you to stress and to worry


Don’t boost and mope

Let the devastation be weary

Cast them out and kill the enemies with only a smile

Your heart and faith will cry out loud

Never kiss the devil with a deadly kiss

When the ship has boarded on the reality of life

The race will continue

After this


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers



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