30 Days of Poetry :Day 12: “Mixed Emotions”


Time waits for no one

Life is what you make it to be

Not in the place I rather be

Sometimes feeling alone

Emotions riding on roller coasters

Finding my happiness to the very end

On the road of sorrows

How can I end whats broken again?

Still declaring that Satan cant win




Waterfalls of my Soul


Fresh waterfalls satisfies my thirsty soul as I reach out again to mother nature

Not to suffer on my well-being and past anymore

Never allowing the destiny and my blessings to walk out the door

Non-perfect creature who meditates on her highness of goodness

To believe there is hope

I want to see the light real soon

Meditating on what I need in my life

As I paint this journey

Moving slowly in this thing called life

Watching others pass me by

I’m going at my own pace towards greatness and destiny

To believe in myself again

Trying never to suffer change

I want the waterfall to fall fresh on my spirit

On my soul

Into my life

Into my heart





glamour 5

Written by Lyrical Passion

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