Photograph by Patrice Rivers (me)

Let’s lay together underneath the late sun

The depths of another day that we are together

Planning the future of opportunities

And all sorts of possibilities

Even though it’s not night to wish upon a star, but we can still wish of the tomorrows

And dreams

As we lay

Gazing deeply underneath the sun

Calmly and relaxing in the arms of each other until eternity

Written by Lyrical Passion

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30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 23 “The Nature of Love”

2015-04-22 22.01.51

Photography by Patrice Rivers AKA Lyrical Passion

Let’s stand in the middle of love

To shrink ourselves to fit in the size of a flower

Hiding away from the world

To be alone with nature

Written by Lyrical Passion

Picture was taken outside on my deck.