A Hush Goodbye..

From whispers to soft faints 

From a soul still asleep

Peace that plays a heavenly song

Peacefully as the stars gaze and the moon sets the hearts of calm minds

Do you hear that sweet sound of peace?

It sings so clear among the cricket sounds of the outdoor nature

Hush and say goodbye to the endless memories that weren’t meant to be stuck in your mind

In your heart

Broken too many times as love plays a sad song again and again…

Anger and frustrations that builds up into a storm but peace interferes and allows you to have anointing upon your life once again

A sweet lulu-by like a baby coos on sweet lovely music

To sleep peacefully throughout the night and to dream happy thoughts that will allow you to wake up with positivity and a clean heart

Inner peace from the inner soul

Sweet kisses and

A Hush Goodbye…

a hush goodbye

Written by Lyrical Passion 

Sleep Remedy

sleep remedies

Close your  eyes and wander upon dreams

Inhale and close your eyes again and think positive thoughts

Allow your mind  to rest

To caress your soul

To relax your body

Forget about the past that tries to to haunt you in the night hours

Say a sweet prayer that shall keep you safe from your fears

Show no fear as you dream good things that comes your way

Close your eyes one last time and sleep your wearies away

As the night flows away with the silence of the moon that stands at your window pane watching your every breath

Written by Lyrical Passion

A Peaceful Mind

Allow me to dive into the silence that speaks power to the souls of heaven

To inhale and to hear my every heartbeat…..

Slowly as I close my eyes and look unto the heavens

No more drama that delays my energy

To be at peace with myself and to nourish off of the remedies

To breathe the positive energy and to keep my eyes still on the visions that God has implanted unto my heart

Cries that turn into sweet sounds of fear

Scared of my own feelings as the guilt tries to come back inside

Unknown tears that’s a secret upon my spirit and God

No one knows of the dark world that sits upon me at times

I’m dying for a peaceful mind to focus on me

To drink my soul and bleed my words and dreams

That sits upon my throne of hope

A legendary uniqueness that indulges the mind of everlasting craves

To crave the peace that dwells in the sounds of birds chirping and to hear my thoughts in array

All I want is to end the darkness and walk into a world that’s only filled with peace

An endless beginning

a peaceful mind


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

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