A Fool Called Love

Love that lasted for a lifetime

When was love going to be just fine?

Every time cupid shoots his arrow, always thinking that’s it’s time

But I get my hopes up to claim what is mine 

That maybe love was never for me; just only a bad sign

Sick of all the disappointments and happiness that turns into a temporary fix

As I think about past love and relationships that’s now making me sick!

I’m sick of this love shit!

When will it ever be my time

To find a King that will chose me

And not get scared when he almost lose me

Love shouldn’t hurt this bad 

Never to make you sad

But love can sometimes make you glad

When it’s the right kind of love

And not a love that is already being used by somebody else

Storing it away collecting dust on the library bookshelf

And then I have to just think of myself

Embracing the pain

This love thing isn’t a game

But I felt like my love has been played

Emotionally stressed and mentally drained for days

Knowing that I will bounce back

This is only a phase

And I have to deal with my pain and feelings for days

I hate it

The way love hurts and the way it makes me feel

I will soon have to pick up the pieces and learn to just deal

From now on my heart will be sealed

And love can’t ever enter

The way it hurts so bad like a bad splinter

Written by Lyrical Passion

Blissful Night

I want to be at peace with the silence of my lips

The confidence in my hips

The prosperity of my soul

Striving to do my best and follow the visions

Whether young or old

Sleeping peaceful as I hear the thoughts on repeat

Promises of what God has said and blessings to keep

My soul I want cleansed

Like a newborn when it first comes out of it’s mother’s womb

Trying to decease my tongue of strong venom

Not saying too much too soon

A peaceful ending that allows laughter and joy upon my sacred heart

What more could the devil and the evil world do to try and tear me apart?

I’m willing to start over

To paint my life over from the start

Let this be a peaceful and blissful night

My goals and remedies of happiness are always in sight

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

magazine picture

No one understands

uniquely me


No one understands what I feel inside

I don’t trust any more with my moments and secrets

No one to confide

I was I was left alone to fine my own way

To live in a place where peace comes by easy

Too much noise surrounds my inner thoughts

When I find myself opening up then I get the feeling they don’t want to listen or doesn’t understand

I give up hope to the skies because the silence wraps around my heart

My burdens of my soul will find a place to land

In the meantime no one to understand


To trust is to be a trust-worthy person

I must like you fully for you to even understand me

To look into my eyes to see the burning and tears

To only understand and see

I keep to myself because I’ve trained myself that way

My thoughts and visions I look upon

Inhaling this world night and day

Sometimes I hate staying at this place

I need my space!

To think and be at peace

My old thoughts seem to never decease

I want to bury them six feet under and kill them with my heart

No one to understand what goes on in my head

Don’t assume what I do and why I do it

Just going through the same old ish

Spitting a thousand words

I just wish

Wish that I lived in a world that understands me

And not judge me

Too many negativity that flows through me

Keeping to myself feels much safer

Too many bad influences and evil haters

Yeah I can be one

The one

I will look upon your heart to see if you are good for me

To be friends with me

Not to understand or see

Would you ever understand me?

My path

My loss

My pain

My burdens

My thoughts

Just being me

No one to understand me


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

A Peaceful Mind

Allow me to dive into the silence that speaks power to the souls of heaven

To inhale and to hear my every heartbeat…..

Slowly as I close my eyes and look unto the heavens

No more drama that delays my energy

To be at peace with myself and to nourish off of the remedies

To breathe the positive energy and to keep my eyes still on the visions that God has implanted unto my heart

Cries that turn into sweet sounds of fear

Scared of my own feelings as the guilt tries to come back inside

Unknown tears that’s a secret upon my spirit and God

No one knows of the dark world that sits upon me at times

I’m dying for a peaceful mind to focus on me

To drink my soul and bleed my words and dreams

That sits upon my throne of hope

A legendary uniqueness that indulges the mind of everlasting craves

To crave the peace that dwells in the sounds of birds chirping and to hear my thoughts in array

All I want is to end the darkness and walk into a world that’s only filled with peace

An endless beginning

a peaceful mind


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

Pain of the devil

Pain that tries to take over my mind

As I gasp for air

Each breath is like a threat

A repeating occurrence

I stay focus on the dreams and goals that walks into my life

Visions that are clear like pure holy water

Waiting to taste the earth

Breathing in and reminding myself that it’s still there

Taking over as I inhale the new beginnings

What new life has to offer

It’s only the devil speaking looking down upon me wanting me to fail

To enter into my soul trying to bring me down

I am much stronger than that

I stand firm on the promises that were given

To keep my eyes on the prize and to finish this  race!



Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers


I stared for a long time by the clear water watching my reflection in the dark waters

Pure silence pierces my side reminding me of a new life that’s ahead of me

I’m trying to listen to all of the signs of the whispers from God Himself

Watching my every move just like a shadow who stands behind me

Yet I can’t see Him

But feels that He is near

Time doesn’t wait on anyone

So little mistakes carry over and a new day starts for a new make-over

A new beginning

I sit silently inside of myself

To disguise and protect my own being

My reflections doesn’t give up on me but tells a gentle story 

Of a Queen that deserves more than she had sold herself short of

To live in peace and happiness and to follow her poetical dreams to the final destination

Surrendering the old paths that doesn’t go anywhere

Just an experiment with life

Love that sits on a hill

Just like an apple tree

Waiting for her to pick the right one

She splashes at her reflection as her soul speaks upon the Heavens

To release her into a new life

A new faith


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers 

Waiting at the Bus Stop

waiting at the bus stop

The sunlight slowly gazed in brightening up her reflection of beauty flaws

Living in the life of reality where love fills the air through her heart

She’s in love

After all

Excited about her good thang visiting and spending time with her

Praying for a wonderful day and hoping that nothing bad would occur

She fixed her make-up and started to gaze at her image that had plenty of stories of past pain

And guys that played games

She stared at a new appearance that was only accepted by mankind

Calling her his Queen of this era and not a classy dime

She checked her clock that read quarter til 9

Arriving an hour early just to be on time

To be prepared for her man

Even though they talked on the phone late nights

She wasn’t alone; hearing his voice made her feel safe

She watched people get off a bus and kids played happily hugging relatives and friends

She began to pray again that her prince charming will hold her and kiss her until the very end

She checked her clock again that read 10:05

Thinking to herself that he was suppose to arrive

It was quiet again and she continued to sit there in her same spot

Trying to hold back tears she once fought

She grew to love this man

Entwined with the confusions of love even though her feelings she didn’t always understand

She took out her compact again and fixed her leaky eyeliner and smudged lipstick

Hoping that the next bus would arrive and that he would get off an fall deeply into her arms

She stood up and looked around

Silence filled the air

Kids watching without making a sound

And then she looked at her watch again that read 10:30

At the far left corner came a bus and she walked over to it

Hoping that he will notice how her beauty was all lit

She smoothed down her bangs and rubbed in her lipstick

Trying to wait for the love of her life; never meeting him before

Never a stranger to her heart

When she saw that no one else got off the bus, her heart skipped a beat

She started to feel sad and felt betrayed and in deceit

It then started to rain and she didn’t care about getting wet

The promise that he made got her worried and upset

Her phone started to ring and with the tears rolling down her face, she answered it


“We are sorry to inform you that your friend Marcus is dead”

She dropped the phone at the hurtful words that were said

A painful memory while waiting at the bus stop

She then stepped out into the busy streets where she was hit by a car

Committing suicide

Her hurt and pain she had to hide

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

Let Go

An act of reality

Let go of the past that’s hindering you from enjoying the present and preparing for the future

The pain that dwells and burdens your heart

Kiss the sky and the moon and give God all your problems

Dance around the moon and pray unto the angels

Be happy for what you have and learn to laugh

Learn to dance in the rain and pray for forgiveness

It’s only a test

Do what makes you happy

God wants you to confess


Let Go!

let go

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

A Poet’s Anthem

 I pledge alliance to the mighty pen

The mighty sword of the throne of my presence

My ultimate passion that God has blessed me with

To pen and bleed blood on the white pages to tell a story upon my canvas

To solemnly swear to keep penning and inking,

To write out the lyrics of my soul

And to be free with the mighty pen stroke by stroke

And to forever reign with the music of my words

a poet's anthem

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

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