When She Falls


She sometimes can be breakable

But remains strong under major circumstances

Who can ever break her when she is purified and re-born again of her goodness?

As the world continues to take her through this

A soft image of bitter bliss

She may be broken for a short period of time, but when she gets up again

She shouldn’t have to pretend

While fighting through all of the worldly sins

She continues to stand firm

When she falls she won’t allow the world to stop for her mistakes

She has to learn and sooner or later

Not a day short or a dollar late

When the enemy knocks

She can’t keep answering the door

Evil of this world, she just has to ignore

Tasting the pain of hell

Smelling the rebellious ways like one of his workers

Hot like fire

Too hot to handle

But she is awaken from it all

So when she do fall…….again…….

Remember she won’t break easily because her bones are too strong

A strong girl that is

Written by Lyrical Passion

Cold Days

Icy thoughts running through my veins

Feeling cold all over

When will the heat arise again to my soul to make me feel warm and fuzzy?

Hold me closer to your heart as it melts from your love

Feel my fingers

It’s cold from the unwanted

A cold-felt presence that makes my body feel unease

Bring me back to the warmth and leave the cold out

Away from my heart

Away from my soul

Away forever

No more cold days

No more pain that tries to ease into my mind

Allow the warmth of smiles to save me from the coldness and from the darkness

I’m waiting for warmer days

And not missing cold days

Your love I want to feel the warmth

Forever and more…

Written by Lyrical Passion

You Have the Last Say So…

You molded me with your strength and with me in mind created a vision

Creating my mind to carry out the purpose you have fulfilled for me

Only you know the pain that I will have

The struggles I have dealt

The opportunities that I had to make it all better

But I chose the worldly ways

Reminiscing about the days of giving up

Tears that would overflow upon my heart

You have the last say so..

To when my life will end one day

Living my life to the fullest without any regrets

Every learning experience is a stepping stone for improvement

And for greatness

Fight my battles for me as I enjoy life’s happiness

Inhaling each day that I am allowed to get up and start my day

The battle is yours

As I surround myself with the positive thoughts

Thinking back on the many days and years I have fought

Wasting life’s precious time over nothing…

As I close my eyes

I’m releasing all my stress and worries to you so that I can now enjoy each moment of my life

Until I depart from this Earth

Because you have the last say so…

you have the last say so

Written by Lyrical Passion


trees blowing

birds flying

the wind caresses my mind

as i think about the freedom that stands tall in front of me

to close my eyes and take in all the air

i breathe…


gazing at the neighborhood and look above the skies

to wonder about my future and where i will stand

to try new things

 enjoying the sound of the wind blowing

the birds singing sweet music

as i feel my heart beating of life..


i want to feel the calmness  upon my face

as i thank God for His amazing grace…

calm and relaxing

Written by Lyrical Passion

A Brand New Life… (Mend me again)

I try to bring happiness to my dark clouds

The ones that try to get in the way of my present and my future

It’s funny how the Devil wants to see me going through

I’m careful about how my emotions are controlled

That I won’t let the world get me down

I try to make my heart sunny-side up and look forward to all the possibilities that I have to offer

A lot of people don’t want us to succeed

But I’m still going to shine bright and keep my head on my shoulders

You better believe!

Cleansing the environment where I breathe in

To inhale the fresh air

The smell of a new start

A new beginning

Soon again I will be back on the right path

Again winning

I allow the breeze to run through my pores

I’m giving my life to Him

Watching Him as He opens doors

I need a revelation to keep my life back again

I’m tired of the games

I’m tired of the sins

Allow me to live this life once more again…

patrice june 15th

Written by Lyrical Passion

Crossing the Path

Walking on a narrow path

Understanding the map to the future

I am my own

CEO of my own life

I been through the fires and destruction of hell

Who shall stop me now as I’ve come this far not to walk backwards into the past?

The darkness still hunts me but I’m still crossing the path of a narrow road

Only to see what goodness life has to bring me yet again


crossing the path

Written by Lyrical Passion

Am I Free?

Am I finally free waking up one morning with positive words upon my tongue?

To speak life of goodness and inhale fresh breath of life and ready for what the Lord has already done

To breathe happy thoughts once again back into my heart and allow my tears to stay dried up

Even when I want to do new things with my life; my past habits, I have to shout


I want to be able to be happy again and to see my life going on the right path

To be free with myself and to share happy thoughts when I laugh

That’s the girl I want to be

The little girl I once was- to be uniquely me

To finally be free!

Written by Lyrical Passionfree poem

Fallen Rose Petals

fallen from the sky

god’s possibilities of hopes and dreams

to wake up and smell all the hopes and visions

imprinted upon my soul

to wake up and be happy

to be free

to only be me

smelling heaven’s roses

and inhaling the goodness of life

to hurt for a long time and to dwell upon my burdens

the past attacking my present and following me to the future senses

to relieve my mind and to fly high into a hopeful state of mind






to live my life to the fullest

to follow my goals and dreams of prosperity

to be happy

to fall in love without any regrets

no doubts

to smile more often

coming out of the light and never going back to the darkness

i want my life back

allow the rose petals to fall into my life




to be free

to do me

flying away just to be free

smelling the scent of new life and a reborn soul

i want to be one within myself


rose petals


written by lyrical passion

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