When She Falls


She sometimes can be breakable

But remains strong under major circumstances

Who can ever break her when she is purified and re-born again of her goodness?

As the world continues to take her through this

A soft image of bitter bliss

She may be broken for a short period of time, but when she gets up again

She shouldn’t have to pretend

While fighting through all of the worldly sins

She continues to stand firm

When she falls she won’t allow the world to stop for her mistakes

She has to learn and sooner or later

Not a day short or a dollar late

When the enemy knocks

She can’t keep answering the door

Evil of this world, she just has to ignore

Tasting the pain of hell

Smelling the rebellious ways like one of his workers

Hot like fire

Too hot to handle

But she is awaken from it all

So when she do fall…….again…….

Remember she won’t break easily because her bones are too strong

A strong girl that is

Written by Lyrical Passion

It’s Only A Test!

a peaceful mind

Life is filled with ups and downs

Situations are thrown at us and we try to figure out why

Things that happens in our life we can’t only deny

Laying alone at night when all we want to do is cry

But in life our situations tend to make us stronger

If we just hold on just a little while longer

It’s Only a Test!

Listen closely as I tell you

Learn to be you and to think things through

Never give up because in life you want to with all the things  happening as if your life acts brand new

But I’m only telling you

Writing you that it’s only a Test!

Laugh at life’s remedies

Laugh in the face of the cold-hearted enemy!

Things that happen and the way they end; they shouldn’t be

Be calm and move away from the mess

And just remember that it’s only a Test!

Written by Lyrical Passion

Let it Go

Let the wind blow

Let the pen flow


Physically speaking my mind

Flowing in the mist of peace

Silence is my inner peace

Letting go of the past mistakes

Yes one day I want to walk through the heavenly gates

No worries

No fears

Walking alone in this world

Everlasting shedding the invisible tears

Why cry for you?

When you never once cared for me all long

Your memories fade away in a sweet lover’s long

Letting go of all the frustrations and pain

I’m here to stay in this race

Even when the devil tries to knock me off track

The consequences I yet have to face

To escape

From reality

When nothing are dreams and fantasies

Free me from the pain

To look into the skies for inner peace

Negativity that surrounds me that must decease

Let go and move on

Allowing blessings to come to me

Flying away to a better place

To start a new life of purpose and fate

Ponytail diva

Written by Lyrical Passion

Let Me Sing

Allow me to sing the words of my thoughts

The ones stored in my head and upon my heart

Long war affairs of blood, sweat and tears

Many wars I have fought

In synced and in tuned with my musical passion

Harmonizing in a duet beat

Allowing the Earth and winds to feel my vibes of pure satisfaction

I dance in my spirit to be freed and chains that still are breaking

Falling beneath my feet as I hit the high pitch of true destiny

Putting a positive vibe as I still begin to scribe

Pure reality as the lyrical sounds of my inner silence beating upon my heart

Allowing me to breathe sweet lyrics as I feed

My soul one last time

One last breath

Inhaling the highest peak of tendency

Releasing all of my inner strength

Honey dew falls on me

Allowing me

To flow in and out of my words freely

I pause for an intermission

Singing about

Preaching about my new life

A new position

Nothing will and..





I will sing until there is nothing left

Until there are no more words left

Curtains closed

Music stops

Lyrics stop

I stand on my own




let me sing

Written by Lyrical Passion

A Brand New Life… (Mend me again)

I try to bring happiness to my dark clouds

The ones that try to get in the way of my present and my future

It’s funny how the Devil wants to see me going through

I’m careful about how my emotions are controlled

That I won’t let the world get me down

I try to make my heart sunny-side up and look forward to all the possibilities that I have to offer

A lot of people don’t want us to succeed

But I’m still going to shine bright and keep my head on my shoulders

You better believe!

Cleansing the environment where I breathe in

To inhale the fresh air

The smell of a new start

A new beginning

Soon again I will be back on the right path

Again winning

I allow the breeze to run through my pores

I’m giving my life to Him

Watching Him as He opens doors

I need a revelation to keep my life back again

I’m tired of the games

I’m tired of the sins

Allow me to live this life once more again…

patrice june 15th

Written by Lyrical Passion

My Guilty Conscious


hey there

my name is…

guilty conscious

the one that’s been struggling in your mind for all these years

making you feel bad for all the horrible things you have did and said

i want you to feel unwanted and fear

even though you are doing well in the future and meeting new people to help with your hopes and dreams

i’m still in the back of your mind holding a grudge for what this may seem

you may be smart and intelligent and filled with potential and creative ideas

but keep in mind that i’m still here

still holding on

i want you to smell the fear and feel less sincere

its me your guilty conscious talking to you from inside your head

even when you get ready to wind down for the night

i’ll be sleeping close behind you in bed


hey guilty conscious!

get out and stay out!

i dealt with you in the past and i’m ready to move on and trying to be a better me

you see you can’t make me feel low anymore, I stand firm just like an apple on the tree

trying to be free

so don’t mess with me

you have taken control of my mind for far too long

but in the end, i’m still singing upon my heart that victory song

to speak life and to seek positive thoughts

too many negative ones that crowded my head once before

the past i have fought

so guilty conscious you have no room here anymore to try and destroy me

as you see i’m moving on to bigger and better things

as my soul sits on God’s right wing

you are history

the past that can’t last

taking you away from me with just one blast from the past

so long and see you later

my present and future is only taking time to become greater!

BOOK 2 PIC2 (2)

Written by Lyrical Passion

Am I Free?

Am I finally free waking up one morning with positive words upon my tongue?

To speak life of goodness and inhale fresh breath of life and ready for what the Lord has already done

To breathe happy thoughts once again back into my heart and allow my tears to stay dried up

Even when I want to do new things with my life; my past habits, I have to shout


I want to be able to be happy again and to see my life going on the right path

To be free with myself and to share happy thoughts when I laugh

That’s the girl I want to be

The little girl I once was- to be uniquely me

To finally be free!

Written by Lyrical Passionfree poem

A Blessed Queen

A Blessed Queen
To fulfill her dreams
Following the path of the legendary dreams printed upon her heart
Careful to follow guidance of the King

To be blessed without the test
No more tears I confess
To live life as God has created, to continue to be strong nevertheless
Praying more and worrying less
As I continue to find myself along this quest
Honoring the gift from God as I try my best
I focus on my future, all other distractions I now have to let it rest.

Written by Lyrical Passion

Still in this Race….To Win!

braids n beauty

Days can get hard when frustrations are thrown your way

Wondering how you are going to make it

Looking up to God

You surely can’t fake it

Throwing you a curve ball; a test to see if you have passed

You fail it again

Stormy weather they never do last

Those tear drops you shed when no one else is looking

Praying to God another prayer of forgiveness

Hoping He has some blessings upstairs cooking

I can do this right

If only I have faith without having the worldly sight

To tame myself if I just might

I’m a strong soldier

I’m in this race to win

Even if sometimes I tend to sin

I’m not perfect but I do want to make a change

Even when things and even decisions seems a little strange

I feel attacked at times

Feeling like people are setting me up

Tears they roll down my cheeks again

“God, am I strong enough to even win?”

I exhaled deeply and slowly

And look at this world deep and coldly

I trust no one

Who can I trust?

God I’m tired of the fuss

To kick rocks and give up my hands to you

Saying to myself I give it all up, I am Through!

This world has gotten so cold

Numb to my soul

I pray things will change as I get old

To find true happiness and inner peace

For frustrations and tempers to decease

To bury the hatchet and the setbacks

To become a brand new creature

A new soul that God will Mold

But When?

No one to trust

I shouldn’t worry about people trying to set me up

Or talk about me behind my back

Still Standing

Still Strong

Still Living

This race I’m running seems too long

But I’m in it to win it

Just Me


Written by Lyrical Passion

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