trees blowing

birds flying

the wind caresses my mind

as i think about the freedom that stands tall in front of me

to close my eyes and take in all the air

i breathe…


gazing at the neighborhood and look above the skies

to wonder about my future and where i will stand

to try new things

 enjoying the sound of the wind blowing

the birds singing sweet music

as i feel my heart beating of life..


i want to feel the calmness  upon my face

as i thank God for His amazing grace…

calm and relaxing

Written by Lyrical Passion

Sleep Remedy

sleep remedies

Close your  eyes and wander upon dreams

Inhale and close your eyes again and think positive thoughts

Allow your mind  to rest

To caress your soul

To relax your body

Forget about the past that tries to to haunt you in the night hours

Say a sweet prayer that shall keep you safe from your fears

Show no fear as you dream good things that comes your way

Close your eyes one last time and sleep your wearies away

As the night flows away with the silence of the moon that stands at your window pane watching your every breath

Written by Lyrical Passion

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