Telling Me Something

You are still here telling me something

Sweet seduction of your vibes flowing through the inner pores of my soul

While I’m out here in the world grinding

I spend my energy; days and nights hustling

Without loosing the energy of pitiful crying

Branding myself to where I want to become

You never supported my dreams

Now I see it

The reality of what it may seems

I’m doing me and nobody can’t interfere with my flow

Negative people be quiet

Negativity energy you gotta go!

I need someone who supports my visions and my dreams

A helpmate who can take Lyrical Passion seriously

I’m speaking my truths not behind closed doors

I’m bold and acting fearlessly

Written by Lyrical Passion

Breaking The Chains

Get up now!

It’s your time to shine!

The past that has hindered you for so long

Break the chains of merciful surrendering thoughts

Wipe away your tears for this is a new day!

You are no longer in bondage

The earth arises and blooms new breath of tranquility

breaking the chains


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

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