30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 10 ” Sing to me a New Song”


Pick me up and gaze into my eyes of paradise as new horizons drawn together

Allowing passionate moments to renew the love

Sparked and renew the flame

Sing to me forever promising that your love will last forever

Wine and dine me

Different ways

Different days

Surprise me with your words of promises

A new way to romance me

To substain our love

Save our love

Enhancing it to the next level

I listen quietly as you tell me the ways to love me again

The comfort of your hugs to the creativity of your heart

Vanishing into thin air and gazing into the promising future

You take me by your hand and continue  to sing me that new song

Our love still continues to burn a new fire

Written by Lyrical Passion

I Want…You

i want you

I want You…

All of you

And nothing more

For you to caress my body from top to bottom

For you to lay upon my heart and listen to the warmth of my heartbeats when I think of you

I want

I want nothing more but your kisses that makes my bottom lip tremble

For you to play with my belly button

The one that makes your memories resemble

I want nothing more

I want to wake up in the morning to smell the scent of  you

To smell your breaths upon my face as you whisper to me “Good Morning Baby”

I want all  of your smiles a thousand times as each smile reminds you of great memories of us

Me and You

I want only You

And nothing more

Just your presence with me

To hold me

To comfort me

To protect me

All of me

Don’t let me go

Don’t push me away


Stay forever until the end..

Written by Lyrical Passion

He Loves Me…He Loves Me NOT!

He Loves Me!

he loves me

Loving me seemed like the easiest thing he could ever do

To love me past my pain seemed like the impossible, but for him, he enjoyed the fresh exhales I make capturing moments that enters his soul

Loving the number of times I would smile, a heavenly creature God has made

For my eyes only

Even when I just smiled because He loved the whiteness upon my teeth

And the glossiness upon my lips

How can a man surely love past the mistakes she once made?

To cradle her upon his heart and to embrace her God-given molded physique as it reminded him of a beautiful ballet dancer turning in a jewelry box as the music plays

A moment that melts his heart

he loves me 2

And he loves the words that flows upon her lips to make his heart skip a beat and holding his breath and slowly exhaled her sweet perfume and inhaled it again just to have her presence closer

To be even more closer to her as the moonlight shines and the silence sets off a pleasurable moment; a moment never  taken for granted

He Loves Me NOT!

Oh how could this have happened?

Something that seemed so real turned quickly into a night mare

The bruises that lays upon her body serves as a punishment for her innocence

Wishing to be loved again

To be painted whole again under the sunrise of a breaking dawn

Missing the kisses that left trails upon her body

The attention of love that once was near

Now a fallen darkness has created a monster

Slowly hating her soul and mind

To punish her body that once was his

Her tears now meant nothing to him

Her neglect begged attention of a man that would only love her unconditionally

To feed her heart once again and to grow back to happiness that once blossomed into her life

Until darkness took all that from her

A sad image in the mirror 

She almost didn’t recognize  herself with all the cuts, dried blood and bruises

Scarred for life

Drunk on love

Never forgetting the precious moments of love

His purity of love now poisoned 

Once he loved me; now he doesn’t…

he loves me not

Written by Lyrical Passion

Lonely Nights

Wishing and hoping

Wondering and in thoughts

Where are you?

To hold the Queen of this Nation?

To live in peace and to compete the final chapter

Out there somewhere

Hoping and praying

Wondering and wishing

Praying in thoughts

Somewhere out there

Looking at the window pane 

As your shadow looks back at me then disappears

A sad image

Thinking and weeping

In thought

Mind-blowing and at peace

A Queen of this Nation

Waiting in the Lonely Nights

Nights filled with silence

Hugging my pillows

A memory fit for a King

Fit and made for me

Praying and Hoping

Wishing and Wondering

In thought

As I lay there praying



Looking back at the reflection of the shadow

I see you there

Fit for a King

A Queen of this Nation

Where are You?

lonely nights

Written by Lyrical Passion

How could it end like this?

how can it end like this

How could love start and end like this?

I just it wasn’t real because it only felt like a summer bliss!

Nights wondering when I would hear your voice of promising words

Too busy for a King

Your voice I never too much heard

Your distance left me wondering am I the Queen you have dreamt and hoped for

Am I the first one you think about in the morning and the last one at night that you adore?

how can it end like this 2

Lies and secrets were kept away in your heart that never gave the hint you just wanted to be friends

The mixed signals of love and communications was something I can’t understand

Why the eight years of confusion when saying “I love You” meant a serious love?

My conscious started talking to my mind and heart while love birds sung to me above

“You can do better than that. You deserve a better King!”

Not a type of love that led you on thinking you were the apple of his eye and to be involved in a secretive fling

I deserve that special promise ring

A real commitment and not a love that can’t be returned; no time for a delivery shipment

How could it all end like this?

It seems like yesterday when we shared our first kiss

Times spent together and memories that will last always

Now you are out of my life and all the memories are gone down the drain

Frustrations and hurtful tears having me go insane

Nothing to ease the pain

Only to cut you out of my life for good and start all over

This is over

How could it end like this?

Will you remember our memories and think about me often when you start to reminese?

Was I Mrs. Right?

Will I be missed?

The next one I hope to wed and commit

My life that will be filled with happiness and joy; a King

My love life will be lit


How could it end like this?

how can it end like this 3


Written by Lyrical Passion

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