Left Alone

When you look at me do you not once feel a slight attraction that ignites the transition of a lover’s spell

Not a type of overpowered  love that is brought or taken

But a strong affectionate feeling that every time I walked,

Your soul shivers and your eye twitches something crazy

I could never in this world understand the covering of your face that is shun away from the true feelings left unpainted on an old brick wall of forget-me-nots

Away from this world your presence goes somewhere deeper and darker

Never revealing the truth about your spirit

Except the fact that you said you was a servant

No I’m not  talking about who you serve or what you serve

But who are you of this world?

What has your soul tied?

A hand full of mistreated words and heated catastrophes has you all shook up and proves to be a vessel that you no longer want to deal with the tragedies that lingers upon your heart

You want me to leave you alone?

Then say it to my heart that yearns again of your nourishment and words of encouragement, of comfort that seems to fit the mask you are wearing

As the words slips upon your lips into the river of contamination and disappointments,

I stopped hearing you once again

Ignoring the words that you want to be left alone

Left to be lonely of this world and invisible to mankind

Only to suffer bullets to your heart

That’s where I’m aiming

To pierce you deeply where it really hurts

To lead me on another adventure of fantasies that were only your mistakes

I will leave you alone unwanted

Confused and yet un free of your pure self of reality

Written by Lyrical Passion

Elephant in the Room

You became poison in my life 

The first time we hung out it was passion

The physical things that took place was lustful action

A person that I never talked to

Wanting to get to know you

Then things started to take a twist and turn

Feelings that got too deep; the lust that began to yearn

Avoiding the fact that physical ties took place

Nothing seemed right

It seemed like you came from out of space

But I saw the passion look on your face

Your kisses and touches got a girl all messed up inside

But I don’t know if you are wearing a mask; your feeling you are trying to hide

What happened after what was shared?

When I approached you about it, asking you a question

Not giving me the answer I deserved that was left unfair

Avoiding the real feelings nobody else to compare

So what did we really shared?

Confusion and frustration played a big part of this dramatic mess

Telling you how I truly felt seemed like an angry protest

I apologize for causing this confusion

The words that was sewn into your mind

Causing me to act through the emotional state causing painful delusions

I’m loosing

A friend  that once kissed me

The good times that we had that released and freed me

Lustful thoughts and physical connections

But the hurtful words I once said; left dead

Like playing world war two during another election

Damn I really got caught up in this whirlwind of affections

Two months and some days

And now already you got my mind turning in a daze 

For days as I think about what went wrong

I’m tired of singing this crazy lustful song

But am I wrong for questioning your affection and physical aaggression?

But most importantly a friendship that was brewing in the mist of it all

All I want to do is grab your hand and say “Baby I’m sorry for hurting you with my words”

Taking the blame and this hurtful fall

But now I get no texts and the fact I can’t even call

Oh well

Maybe this wasn’t meant to be after all

Now you have became the elephant in the room

Uncomfortable in all the wrong places

As I see the tension on both of our faces

But really I wish I could see you making love faces

Yeah I said it

Love faces

But your cordial “Hello” and “Have a good day and night” makes my heart skip a beat

As the fire brews and I’m still feeling the heat

Of words that was twisted

Is my name still on your list of friendships

Will I ever be listed?

I want to engage in long conversations with you

Laughing and being free in all the right spots

Without the tension of making things worst

This elephant in the room is making me too hot

Sometimes I wish I could make you invisible and my tension won’t be as real as it gets

To live in peace and be free with my feelings

But I was only playing a hand of cards only to be dealing 

Forgetting that hurtful words are left killing

So now I’m in a situation that is left on the wall looking like a crazy equation

What difference is there to give you my flirty ppersuasionlike some sexy and petite boss chick Asian

You see how lustful feelings can get mixed up in the moment and ruin the best time of your life?

But I’m ready to face this elephant in the room and to face the damage

To kiss these painful memories and to burn them into the heat of the night

Lyrical Passion


I see you watching



Trembling as your heart skips too many beats

Yes when I see you I get weak


Oh shoot

Not this feeling again of the fast adrenaline racing down my spine

The single life is good

And I’m good

Until you walk into the presence of a new life

A kiss that was unforgettable


Unspoken about for weeks

But yet when our presence links and the fire is ignited as one

A whole new view speaks a different language

Am I’m trying to be Bae?

Yea bae sounds really good

A tasty word that I could get used to

As our eyes touch

it definitely speaks a different language that no one can ever understand

I don’t understand how a Kiss could make me feel like this

I smile at when you are in my presence as I anticipate being


But I’ll be stepping on dangerous grounds as I keep my single hood at a distance

And just dream about being 


And just make love to your eyes of passion

Written by Lyrical Passion


After all these years

Unsilenced words floats away into thin air

My presence never existed from day one

Our conversations never ended after midnight

Only to hold a friendly conversation in the daylight

Then I disappear again

Gone Un-noticed until I’m in your presence

Written by Lyrical Passion

No Mixed Feelings

Don’t lead me the wrong direction

Just come upfront with your fairy tale confessions

My heart wants to feel loved

Not torn apart by thorns with no purpose

To fall into your arms with a purpose

To laugh and enjoy the company of love without feeling unease

My heart deserves a real King

To interpret the meaning of love and to show me the real thing!

Don’t lead me behind in the dark

Blind and left alone

I am a Queen who continues to sit on her throne

Don’t leave me no mixed messages of unwanted feelings

I deserve to be loved by a King

Who is willing to sacrifice and be with her Queen

To take upon God’s creation and to lift her heart on angel’s wings

no mixed feelings

Written by Lyrical Passion

Follow My Shadow

Take my hand as you blindly see

Take my heart and bring it upon yours

I know you see me hiding in the sunshine

Even when darkness falls

Looking down on me when I’m desiring the love that I deserve

To sketch me out and match the pieces to yours

You dream about me every night and while I sleep

You watch over me and protect my heart from danger

Telling me within your spirit that you aren’t a stranger

Follow my shadow that leads to the everlasting 

A bond of love that is sewn together


I await for you in the present and in the future 

I hope to meet you at a very special place 

To extend your hand as an invitation to invite me into your life

No matter what, you continue to follow me and to stay close

Behind my every footstep

As I pray that I will find you at the right place soon

To reunite in reality

So that you can win  my heart and to see the brightest 

There could ever be

Hearts entwined eternally

I’m here




Waiting on that special day

The day you will take my breath away

follow my shadow

Written by Lyrical Passion

A Love Affair

For years the love has faded away

Complications desires to turn back the hand of time

But in  reality things has changed

Was love in the present giving me a sign?

A love that wasn’t clear in the beginning

Young and happy

Two lovers

A love that was uncover

Now trying to understand what is the purpose of still being in the game

A commitment is all I ask for

Without you feeling ashamed

Don’t you want a love that  true to you?

Who will always stick by you?

A love that’s true

But yet far away

A love that’s buried in the soul

Gazing at the stars to see your refection

A love perfection

A lover’s connection

Find your inner peace within the happiness of your heart

Somewhere in your life

It was a love that never grew apart

love affair

Written by Lyrical Passion

Valentine’s Day

The way you stared at me the first time we met

Held hands in public

Feeling the warmth of your soul

Hold me closer and read my mind of painful memories that ended up to be memorable one’s 

Once your actions of love spoke clearer with your stares

Feeling like a little kid at the state county fairs

Can you read my mind and tell me what I’m thinking at the present moment?

A smile that has melted your heart completely

And you are speechless as our favorite song plays in the car

Listening to every word that has taken us by surprise 

A lover’s game that has been played too well

I know it too well

But as we dance in circles

Our hearts still remains the same

I am the same person you have fell in love with

And I want to be that chick that spends the future laying upon your soul

The purity of the heavens looks down upon us

God watches our love sights

Not to fight

But fight for each other

What more can a girl say

But to wish you a special Happy Valentine’s Day!



Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

Special Day

Open up your mind to me and allow me to read you like a book

The thoughts I want to know

How you feel about a pretty young thang?

Alone in the wilderness, my lyrics I will sing

Upon your heart under the stars

The moon sets the atmosphere

Our heart engages into the precipitation

Mixing the feelings of pure engagement

As the words of passion lies upon our hearts of engraving

A special day of sharing love between others

Enjoying the laughs and company

Not knowing if you will ever see them again

I come in peace never in sin

Our love story I wish to begin

Far away in an unknown land of great memories to follow

Never to end

A path that leads to eternity

Two souls that stays in the reflection of a blessing

special day


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

A Love Like This

A love like this

Have you experienced the type of love that allows your breaths to become deep; fantasizing about the way he says your name upon his lips?

A love so deep that you are frozen in time trying to play hide and seek with the words that are whispered through the winter storms; standing upon the mountain top thinking and remembering when love was near you

The strength to keep warm in the midst of the rainstorms as the windowpane reminds you of endless memories the two of you spent throwing snowballs and laughing at stupid jokes.  The way you are comforted while his arms massages your tense body and relaxing your soul until the negativity and worries vanishes

Listening to your soft whispers as the sound of “I Love You’s” are blown down your spine that makes you giggle like a little girl. You feel great when love wants to sleep with you longer than expected sharing talks and communication that has you open on trust. You are drunk on the love that you once fell in love with

Will love stab you in the back or have an affair on you when YOU were there in the first place, to win love over?

Taking your breath away as you dance the night away on the dance floor; just you and love; lights that paints a moment of gratitude and a bow that tells you a thousand words in many languages

A love language so universal that you fall in love all over again just hearing the words and listening to the steady beats of heart beats that makes an infinite love connection that cupid can’t interfere with

Take a deep breath inhaling the vibes of real love

1, 2,3,4,5…..

Exhale into the depths of tranquility that calms the mind

Stress-free from the torn thoughts of pain and hurt that has scarred your heart once before

Depression that has left you almost dead

Now a new love that will never break your heart

Who has your back and will support your every need and to stand by your side

Real love you deserve into eternity

A Love Like This…

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

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