Left Alone

When you look at me do you not once feel a slight attraction that ignites the transition of a lover’s spell

Not a type of overpowered  love that is brought or taken

But a strong affectionate feeling that every time I walked,

Your soul shivers and your eye twitches something crazy

I could never in this world understand the covering of your face that is shun away from the true feelings left unpainted on an old brick wall of forget-me-nots

Away from this world your presence goes somewhere deeper and darker

Never revealing the truth about your spirit

Except the fact that you said you was a servant

No I’m not  talking about who you serve or what you serve

But who are you of this world?

What has your soul tied?

A hand full of mistreated words and heated catastrophes has you all shook up and proves to be a vessel that you no longer want to deal with the tragedies that lingers upon your heart

You want me to leave you alone?

Then say it to my heart that yearns again of your nourishment and words of encouragement, of comfort that seems to fit the mask you are wearing

As the words slips upon your lips into the river of contamination and disappointments,

I stopped hearing you once again

Ignoring the words that you want to be left alone

Left to be lonely of this world and invisible to mankind

Only to suffer bullets to your heart

That’s where I’m aiming

To pierce you deeply where it really hurts

To lead me on another adventure of fantasies that were only your mistakes

I will leave you alone unwanted

Confused and yet un free of your pure self of reality

Written by Lyrical Passion

Still Hidden in the Dark

Just when I thought all hope was gone

To put my soul and mind into a perspective setting

To feel free of this world as I become alone and focused

The feelings that haunt me and lay before me arises from the night and ease its evil spirit upon my heart

Pressing and rising more and more

Hot tears stain my vacant face

Lost for words as the Devil strikes it’s best shot

“Never going back to that place” I murmured to myself

I prayed that new beginnings will change hearts

That dreams will come true and positivity will seep into my heart

I visited the dark place again and it doesn’t feel pleasant

To become hostile in the midnight hour not knowing when these spells will end

I once hid into the dark valley for years

Never knowing when I would come out of the woods

Feeling lonely under the stars as my tears becomes my best friend

Unspoken words of innocence swallows my pride and fear creeps into my mind

I can’t do this anymore

But sometimes sweet revenge feel great

Having that upper strength and power to prove a saddened point

The tongue of deadly thoughts that pours venom of hostility and unforgiving hearts

Years has passed and the dark place that I once knew

Once again in

Visited me for a short spell

Not crazy to the world or to innocent people not knowing my true Hiding within myself my most deepest pain and depression among the stars

That they will sleep silently next to my shadows that still follows my every footstep

My cries becomes unknown

Even if I cried louder, no one would hear me

The lost soul that’s misrepresented


No one understands

No one but God himself!

Who are you to judge?

Who is the world to judge a child that has seem to lost its way and all they want is to be free?

Be free of the hatred

Be free from the evil spirits that still rests upon her soul

Let her be free

I hide my worries upon the smiles of daylight,

To hide my beauty beneath the wings of my burdens

Hidden in the dark ready to attack like wild dogs

My words on a leash that hurts

Kills souls

I’m not that girl

I am unique

I’m not who they say I am

I’m not that girl

I remain happy within the love of what I do

To pen and to start again

Fresh again like a brand new day

Wondering if the dark clouds of Hades will stay away

I pray for forgiveness

To end this

And then no more will my flesh be hidden in the dark

still hidden in the dark

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

February 2014

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