I can’t stop being me

Loving me is all I can do

Me against the world

To be me is to love me

Not to love others who can’t accept me

So I have to be me

So uniquely made and Me

Born to stand on my own throne

To be me

To love me

You see I can be me

I am me

Uniquely Me

Written by Lyrical Passion

It’s Not a Game (Game Over)

It’s not a game

No more…

Living in reality while trying to get saves

While on Calvary

homeless person

It’s not a game when days are dark

And homeless people are still living on the streets

Secrets lies in front of their hearts keeping the faith without falling apart

Homes are washed away ad people are out of their business

It’s a test only trying to get through this


kids starving on streets

It’s not a game

when babies are starving

Left on the streets without their mom presently

Seeking; doped up and cracked up not physically able

Their souls are reaping

Kids that are left alone in the dark clueless of who they are and what their future holds

Nobody shall be alone as seeds begins to unfold

This story sounds familiar as it lays on the earth left untold

plane crash

It’s not a game

when America is hit with the hardest issues; revelation that now takes it’s place and the world comes to an end

God will surely come back again

To grade our life and to see who was put in this race to win

Nothing shall be taken for granted anymore as

Life is too short not to worry

Not to carry around all your hardships and worries

Things are real and coming to the light

Our life was built to pass tests of life and to fight

jobs in america

It’s not a game

when jobs are cut and people don’t know how they will make it through

The road can be tough; but it’s all a test as we come to our senses; we are strong

Storms only you can handle

Built for you

Houses lost and figuring out where to go to next

You have to keep the faith

And not take short cuts to life or to send all your burdens through fedex!


It’s not a game

when violence is taking over lives of infants, toddlers, children and adults

Is taken away; Game over!

When it comes down to the real deal

Deceased mouths and closed lips are tight and sealed

Meditating on what was put in front of us

To figure out the plan of our life and following the map of success

Learn to live and to confess

To give the highest mountain all of your stress

Go to the highest level of salvation and plant a new seed that will allow you to start life over again

To give away the heartaches and headaches of a hardened soul

Time doesn’t wait for anyone

Days are only getting old

Vector illustration of a man lock up in prison

It’s not a game

when you go to jail even for life

When you can’t just say “I’m sorry, I messed up!”

It’s too late when you are behind closed doors and when enough is enough and when one is fed up

There are more people that deserves a second chance

When dealing with the wrath of hell and overflowing money problems and finance


Life is no longer a game

When going to sleep in tears

As your heart is filled with fear

Because you don’t know how you are going to make it the next day

But listen in the midst of it all

When God shows up and tells you that everything is okay

It’s not over

When days seems to get a little colder

Living in a paranormal state of mind

When every time you have to look over your shoulder



No more games

Things are real and walking along the paths of reality

I’ts no longer a game!

No more fairy tales of candy land, fantasies or fame

The heartbeats of fate

The breaths of life

Press pause then hit play

This life isn’t a video game

game over



Written by Lyrical Passion

Crossing the Path

Walking on a narrow path

Understanding the map to the future

I am my own

CEO of my own life

I been through the fires and destruction of hell

Who shall stop me now as I’ve come this far not to walk backwards into the past?

The darkness still hunts me but I’m still crossing the path of a narrow road

Only to see what goodness life has to bring me yet again


crossing the path

Written by Lyrical Passion

My Guilty Conscious


hey there

my name is…

guilty conscious

the one that’s been struggling in your mind for all these years

making you feel bad for all the horrible things you have did and said

i want you to feel unwanted and fear

even though you are doing well in the future and meeting new people to help with your hopes and dreams

i’m still in the back of your mind holding a grudge for what this may seem

you may be smart and intelligent and filled with potential and creative ideas

but keep in mind that i’m still here

still holding on

i want you to smell the fear and feel less sincere

its me your guilty conscious talking to you from inside your head

even when you get ready to wind down for the night

i’ll be sleeping close behind you in bed


hey guilty conscious!

get out and stay out!

i dealt with you in the past and i’m ready to move on and trying to be a better me

you see you can’t make me feel low anymore, I stand firm just like an apple on the tree

trying to be free

so don’t mess with me

you have taken control of my mind for far too long

but in the end, i’m still singing upon my heart that victory song

to speak life and to seek positive thoughts

too many negative ones that crowded my head once before

the past i have fought

so guilty conscious you have no room here anymore to try and destroy me

as you see i’m moving on to bigger and better things

as my soul sits on God’s right wing

you are history

the past that can’t last

taking you away from me with just one blast from the past

so long and see you later

my present and future is only taking time to become greater!

BOOK 2 PIC2 (2)

Written by Lyrical Passion

Fallen Rose Petals

fallen from the sky

god’s possibilities of hopes and dreams

to wake up and smell all the hopes and visions

imprinted upon my soul

to wake up and be happy

to be free

to only be me

smelling heaven’s roses

and inhaling the goodness of life

to hurt for a long time and to dwell upon my burdens

the past attacking my present and following me to the future senses

to relieve my mind and to fly high into a hopeful state of mind






to live my life to the fullest

to follow my goals and dreams of prosperity

to be happy

to fall in love without any regrets

no doubts

to smile more often

coming out of the light and never going back to the darkness

i want my life back

allow the rose petals to fall into my life




to be free

to do me

flying away just to be free

smelling the scent of new life and a reborn soul

i want to be one within myself


rose petals


written by lyrical passion

Still Hidden in the Dark

Just when I thought all hope was gone

To put my soul and mind into a perspective setting

To feel free of this world as I become alone and focused

The feelings that haunt me and lay before me arises from the night and ease its evil spirit upon my heart

Pressing and rising more and more

Hot tears stain my vacant face

Lost for words as the Devil strikes it’s best shot

“Never going back to that place” I murmured to myself

I prayed that new beginnings will change hearts

That dreams will come true and positivity will seep into my heart

I visited the dark place again and it doesn’t feel pleasant

To become hostile in the midnight hour not knowing when these spells will end

I once hid into the dark valley for years

Never knowing when I would come out of the woods

Feeling lonely under the stars as my tears becomes my best friend

Unspoken words of innocence swallows my pride and fear creeps into my mind

I can’t do this anymore

But sometimes sweet revenge feel great

Having that upper strength and power to prove a saddened point

The tongue of deadly thoughts that pours venom of hostility and unforgiving hearts

Years has passed and the dark place that I once knew

Once again in

Visited me for a short spell

Not crazy to the world or to innocent people not knowing my true Hiding within myself my most deepest pain and depression among the stars

That they will sleep silently next to my shadows that still follows my every footstep

My cries becomes unknown

Even if I cried louder, no one would hear me

The lost soul that’s misrepresented


No one understands

No one but God himself!

Who are you to judge?

Who is the world to judge a child that has seem to lost its way and all they want is to be free?

Be free of the hatred

Be free from the evil spirits that still rests upon her soul

Let her be free

I hide my worries upon the smiles of daylight,

To hide my beauty beneath the wings of my burdens

Hidden in the dark ready to attack like wild dogs

My words on a leash that hurts

Kills souls

I’m not that girl

I am unique

I’m not who they say I am

I’m not that girl

I remain happy within the love of what I do

To pen and to start again

Fresh again like a brand new day

Wondering if the dark clouds of Hades will stay away

I pray for forgiveness

To end this

And then no more will my flesh be hidden in the dark

still hidden in the dark

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

February 2014

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