are you ready

Are you ready for a high- def revelation?

That high fast-paced elevation?

Let’s go to the highest level

Running fast as we can in life without nobody stopping us

Kisses in the night shadows

Enjoying freedom and pure lust

Are you ready for a tremendous change in your life that you scream at the top of your lungs in complete awe?

Knowing that the key to your destination is just around the corner never leaving you very far

A new life that is created after the past has haunted you for years

Hiding in the darkness because all you knew was hiding the fear

The pain that has hidden you from the sunshine and happiness

The enemy that has stolen your joy for way too long

So starting over and enjoying life just seems too hard

Are you ready for a blessing that when you try to touch the sky, you can already feel it?

You don’t have to stay in the same position that you are in nor do you have to worry about the stress when people just told you to just deal with it

Relax your mind and allow yourself to be random and be free

To scream at the top of your lungs and shout to the Gods that listens to your every word

Knowing that your prayers will be answered and your problems are already heard

To be free within love and date with a purpose

To love again and to fall in love again

Are you ready to be happy again and to get out of your comfort zone?

The dreams and goals that once was written on the blank pages of the snow-flurry skies

Just know that you are never alone

Keep hope and peace alive

A chance that we have to learn how to take in life

Just dive

Kiss the one you love

Never take nothing for granted

Life is too short

Be free within yourself and to love yourself

Just be happy and enjoy all that is left

Are you ready for change?

To build your life much higher

To become a better you when things only seems to be going well for you

Move to a different aspect of your life and to re-learn yourself all over again

To erase the past and to start your life brand new

Erasing all the regrets and sins

Looking deep in your soul that’s left within

Are you ready to meditate on the things that you can change?

To step out on faith and to try something new in your life that people said you couldn’t do?

I’m ready to put on my wings and fly high

Spitting lyrics on my canvas and express myself while dipped in the colors of my vivid imaginations

Painting the world with my words creating a new revelation

Bringing peace to lives that are having hard times to every nations

To reign peace and deliver sweet songs of heavenly sensations

I’m ready for a new creation

To stop the pain




And hard complications…


glamour 4


Written by Lyrical Passion


Redefining My Purpose…. Taking Back What’s Mine!

Too many fears has left me undecided

The world too cruel and lonely

Only God I have confided

To bring me out of my storms

My wearies

My pain

I came to reality learning that this life isn’t just a game

But the real deal

I don’t want to play the victim any longer

The potential I have in my life

I can just lift the world up on my shoulders

My dreams and goals I will conquer

I want to take back my life and to life in a peaceful spirit

To whisper to God in a language He can only hear

To listen to His words, His whispers, I can feel it

To redefine my purpose

To reintroduce myself again to the world

I want them to get to know a different

Come and see

That I want to be a better me!d

Tears has fallen too many times in my life

I still live in a place where I am trying to fight

To fight the devil off

The demons shall go

I will take back what is mine!

A strong woman whose here to stay and shine!

I want to be the type of woman that everyone can talk and relate too

But my darkness has to go away and I have to take back my life even when I’m still going through

This time I am


My Life

My purpose

To live long without having the haunted past come alive and to surface

I want to be forgiven of the cruelty that my mind has corrupted

To stand firm still and allow the future to stay in my heart without living in the past; I won’t accept it!

Stay out demons!

The devil has to go

It’s my time to shine!

I have a potential glow

I want to take it all back and to start brand new

I have to


relieve all the pain

Inking my revolutions in this prospering ink game

I’m not fame

But I want to live and encourage others

To be better

To learn better

To redefine what fell off into the sea

I see

A potential young woman

Still holding on

Still standing

Only to be set free

Set free

Redefine her

Change her

The world is hers

Her dreams shall come true…

Forming into a bubble of reality

To redefine

Even when I’m still going through

To look into the reflections of the past

All hail on her throne

Darkness won’t last


redefining your purpose

Written by Lyrical Passion

Still in this Race….To Win!

braids n beauty

Days can get hard when frustrations are thrown your way

Wondering how you are going to make it

Looking up to God

You surely can’t fake it

Throwing you a curve ball; a test to see if you have passed

You fail it again

Stormy weather they never do last

Those tear drops you shed when no one else is looking

Praying to God another prayer of forgiveness

Hoping He has some blessings upstairs cooking

I can do this right

If only I have faith without having the worldly sight

To tame myself if I just might

I’m a strong soldier

I’m in this race to win

Even if sometimes I tend to sin

I’m not perfect but I do want to make a change

Even when things and even decisions seems a little strange

I feel attacked at times

Feeling like people are setting me up

Tears they roll down my cheeks again

“God, am I strong enough to even win?”

I exhaled deeply and slowly

And look at this world deep and coldly

I trust no one

Who can I trust?

God I’m tired of the fuss

To kick rocks and give up my hands to you

Saying to myself I give it all up, I am Through!

This world has gotten so cold

Numb to my soul

I pray things will change as I get old

To find true happiness and inner peace

For frustrations and tempers to decease

To bury the hatchet and the setbacks

To become a brand new creature

A new soul that God will Mold

But When?

No one to trust

I shouldn’t worry about people trying to set me up

Or talk about me behind my back

Still Standing

Still Strong

Still Living

This race I’m running seems too long

But I’m in it to win it

Just Me


Written by Lyrical Passion

Waterfalls of my Soul


Fresh waterfalls satisfies my thirsty soul as I reach out again to mother nature

Not to suffer on my well-being and past anymore

Never allowing the destiny and my blessings to walk out the door

Non-perfect creature who meditates on her highness of goodness

To believe there is hope

I want to see the light real soon

Meditating on what I need in my life

As I paint this journey

Moving slowly in this thing called life

Watching others pass me by

I’m going at my own pace towards greatness and destiny

To believe in myself again

Trying never to suffer change

I want the waterfall to fall fresh on my spirit

On my soul

Into my life

Into my heart





glamour 5

Written by Lyrical Passion

Sleep Remedy

sleep remedies

Close your  eyes and wander upon dreams

Inhale and close your eyes again and think positive thoughts

Allow your mind  to rest

To caress your soul

To relax your body

Forget about the past that tries to to haunt you in the night hours

Say a sweet prayer that shall keep you safe from your fears

Show no fear as you dream good things that comes your way

Close your eyes one last time and sleep your wearies away

As the night flows away with the silence of the moon that stands at your window pane watching your every breath

Written by Lyrical Passion

Blissful Night

I want to be at peace with the silence of my lips

The confidence in my hips

The prosperity of my soul

Striving to do my best and follow the visions

Whether young or old

Sleeping peaceful as I hear the thoughts on repeat

Promises of what God has said and blessings to keep

My soul I want cleansed

Like a newborn when it first comes out of it’s mother’s womb

Trying to decease my tongue of strong venom

Not saying too much too soon

A peaceful ending that allows laughter and joy upon my sacred heart

What more could the devil and the evil world do to try and tear me apart?

I’m willing to start over

To paint my life over from the start

Let this be a peaceful and blissful night

My goals and remedies of happiness are always in sight

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

magazine picture

Pain of the devil

Pain that tries to take over my mind

As I gasp for air

Each breath is like a threat

A repeating occurrence

I stay focus on the dreams and goals that walks into my life

Visions that are clear like pure holy water

Waiting to taste the earth

Breathing in and reminding myself that it’s still there

Taking over as I inhale the new beginnings

What new life has to offer

It’s only the devil speaking looking down upon me wanting me to fail

To enter into my soul trying to bring me down

I am much stronger than that

I stand firm on the promises that were given

To keep my eyes on the prize and to finish this  race!



Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers


I stared for a long time by the clear water watching my reflection in the dark waters

Pure silence pierces my side reminding me of a new life that’s ahead of me

I’m trying to listen to all of the signs of the whispers from God Himself

Watching my every move just like a shadow who stands behind me

Yet I can’t see Him

But feels that He is near

Time doesn’t wait on anyone

So little mistakes carry over and a new day starts for a new make-over

A new beginning

I sit silently inside of myself

To disguise and protect my own being

My reflections doesn’t give up on me but tells a gentle story 

Of a Queen that deserves more than she had sold herself short of

To live in peace and happiness and to follow her poetical dreams to the final destination

Surrendering the old paths that doesn’t go anywhere

Just an experiment with life

Love that sits on a hill

Just like an apple tree

Waiting for her to pick the right one

She splashes at her reflection as her soul speaks upon the Heavens

To release her into a new life

A new faith


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers 

Let Go

An act of reality

Let go of the past that’s hindering you from enjoying the present and preparing for the future

The pain that dwells and burdens your heart

Kiss the sky and the moon and give God all your problems

Dance around the moon and pray unto the angels

Be happy for what you have and learn to laugh

Learn to dance in the rain and pray for forgiveness

It’s only a test

Do what makes you happy

God wants you to confess


Let Go!

let go

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

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