When She Falls


She sometimes can be breakable

But remains strong under major circumstances

Who can ever break her when she is purified and re-born again of her goodness?

As the world continues to take her through this

A soft image of bitter bliss

She may be broken for a short period of time, but when she gets up again

She shouldn’t have to pretend

While fighting through all of the worldly sins

She continues to stand firm

When she falls she won’t allow the world to stop for her mistakes

She has to learn and sooner or later

Not a day short or a dollar late

When the enemy knocks

She can’t keep answering the door

Evil of this world, she just has to ignore

Tasting the pain of hell

Smelling the rebellious ways like one of his workers

Hot like fire

Too hot to handle

But she is awaken from it all

So when she do fall…….again…….

Remember she won’t break easily because her bones are too strong

A strong girl that is

Written by Lyrical Passion

It’s Only A Test!

a peaceful mind

Life is filled with ups and downs

Situations are thrown at us and we try to figure out why

Things that happens in our life we can’t only deny

Laying alone at night when all we want to do is cry

But in life our situations tend to make us stronger

If we just hold on just a little while longer

It’s Only a Test!

Listen closely as I tell you

Learn to be you and to think things through

Never give up because in life you want to with all the things  happening as if your life acts brand new

But I’m only telling you

Writing you that it’s only a Test!

Laugh at life’s remedies

Laugh in the face of the cold-hearted enemy!

Things that happen and the way they end; they shouldn’t be

Be calm and move away from the mess

And just remember that it’s only a Test!

Written by Lyrical Passion

I am Enough

children's book bio pic 2

I am Enough for the world to see

To strengthen my heart

I beg to set me free

Why change for the world when their evil thoughts are following me behind

I wear my strength and peace upon my sleeve

A brave enough warrior who fights everyday

I am Enough so I will always shine

I am Enough so that my potential shows between my eyes

I don’t need the world to define who I really am

I know who I am

Because I am Enough

Happy within me

When people who walk past me truly doesn’t see

What do you really see when you look into my eyes?

The pain of a past that haunts

The hurt of the world

But I pick the pieces of myself back up

To renew a new mind and a new spirit

I don’t have to pretend to hide behind a mask anymore

When I know that




Written by Lyrical Passion

A New Breeze

a new breeze

A new cleansing and refreshed feeling upon my mind

In my thoughts

“I’m going to make it” I whispered to myself

Embracing myself

Looking into the world as a breeze refreshes my face

Thanking God for His amazing grace

I only smile to confuse the enemy

He sees all

Trying to destroy all of me

But I’m still standing


Pressing on

This is MY year and I’m here to shine!

Claiming the victory and all my blessings and taking back my soul and whats rightfully mine!

a new season

Written by Lyrical Passion

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Let it Go

Let the wind blow

Let the pen flow


Physically speaking my mind

Flowing in the mist of peace

Silence is my inner peace

Letting go of the past mistakes

Yes one day I want to walk through the heavenly gates

No worries

No fears

Walking alone in this world

Everlasting shedding the invisible tears

Why cry for you?

When you never once cared for me all long

Your memories fade away in a sweet lover’s long

Letting go of all the frustrations and pain

I’m here to stay in this race

Even when the devil tries to knock me off track

The consequences I yet have to face

To escape

From reality

When nothing are dreams and fantasies

Free me from the pain

To look into the skies for inner peace

Negativity that surrounds me that must decease

Let go and move on

Allowing blessings to come to me

Flying away to a better place

To start a new life of purpose and fate

Ponytail diva

Written by Lyrical Passion

Your Guardian Angel

A guardian angel that stands in front of you

But you can’t yet to touch it

Following your shadow as you slumber and continue with the days journey

Never leaving your side

A shoulder to cry on

To rely on

To whisper to in the mirror

As it reflects your inner beauty of your soul…


Written by Lyrical Passion

It’s Not a Game (Game Over)

It’s not a game

No more…

Living in reality while trying to get saves

While on Calvary

homeless person

It’s not a game when days are dark

And homeless people are still living on the streets

Secrets lies in front of their hearts keeping the faith without falling apart

Homes are washed away ad people are out of their business

It’s a test only trying to get through this


kids starving on streets

It’s not a game

when babies are starving

Left on the streets without their mom presently

Seeking; doped up and cracked up not physically able

Their souls are reaping

Kids that are left alone in the dark clueless of who they are and what their future holds

Nobody shall be alone as seeds begins to unfold

This story sounds familiar as it lays on the earth left untold

plane crash

It’s not a game

when America is hit with the hardest issues; revelation that now takes it’s place and the world comes to an end

God will surely come back again

To grade our life and to see who was put in this race to win

Nothing shall be taken for granted anymore as

Life is too short not to worry

Not to carry around all your hardships and worries

Things are real and coming to the light

Our life was built to pass tests of life and to fight

jobs in america

It’s not a game

when jobs are cut and people don’t know how they will make it through

The road can be tough; but it’s all a test as we come to our senses; we are strong

Storms only you can handle

Built for you

Houses lost and figuring out where to go to next

You have to keep the faith

And not take short cuts to life or to send all your burdens through fedex!


It’s not a game

when violence is taking over lives of infants, toddlers, children and adults

Is taken away; Game over!

When it comes down to the real deal

Deceased mouths and closed lips are tight and sealed

Meditating on what was put in front of us

To figure out the plan of our life and following the map of success

Learn to live and to confess

To give the highest mountain all of your stress

Go to the highest level of salvation and plant a new seed that will allow you to start life over again

To give away the heartaches and headaches of a hardened soul

Time doesn’t wait for anyone

Days are only getting old

Vector illustration of a man lock up in prison

It’s not a game

when you go to jail even for life

When you can’t just say “I’m sorry, I messed up!”

It’s too late when you are behind closed doors and when enough is enough and when one is fed up

There are more people that deserves a second chance

When dealing with the wrath of hell and overflowing money problems and finance


Life is no longer a game

When going to sleep in tears

As your heart is filled with fear

Because you don’t know how you are going to make it the next day

But listen in the midst of it all

When God shows up and tells you that everything is okay

It’s not over

When days seems to get a little colder

Living in a paranormal state of mind

When every time you have to look over your shoulder



No more games

Things are real and walking along the paths of reality

I’ts no longer a game!

No more fairy tales of candy land, fantasies or fame

The heartbeats of fate

The breaths of life

Press pause then hit play

This life isn’t a video game

game over



Written by Lyrical Passion

Drunk on My Fears


It’s me.. the author and poet

Painting my words upon the skies

Drunk off words and ink-filled high

I write my pain away

Like stars are shining and shooting new dreams 

Can I wish upon it if I may

Sitting at the edge of my throne filled with new ideas and blooming dreams

But fears always gets the best of me it always seems


It’s me again…. a girl that wants to only succeed

Without the heavy burdens, stress, worries and greed

The smiles disappears when I am faced with my situations

It’s fear again

The light goes out again…

In my mind as I’m put into a tiring bind

But I’m strong and I will continue to be brave and fight through the hardest of times

With a little patience and hope

I will be just fine..


Written by Lyrical Passion

As I tell the World…

As I tell the world hello 

I welcome all the compliments that are attached to me

Will I take it and share it upon my soul?

Yes indeed, the good one’s that will please

To allow my smile to glisten upon my face

When I don’t have any hope left

To quietly sing amazing grace

To once more have a little bit of faith

I thought 2014 was going to be a great year

Started off great

Then became rocky and frustrating

As my mind finally understands the reality of life

I’m still instigating

Instigating on who my real friends are

Who will be there to support me 

Near and far

Who won’t talk about me behind my back

Who won’t do me wrong

When two-faced is the new real

I’m simply and slowly getting it

To know how to deal

In this cruel world

I walk alone on the dark roads and narrow paths

It’s too wide to have the whole world starring down at you

There will be only one or maybe a few…

To walk the whole race with you

Look at me and look at you

As I continue to live my life and 

Always starting brand new


I’m finally getting it

No more frustrations

Depression you have to stop too

I can only deal with one thing at a time

So misty blue it’s not all about you

It’s time for me to get my act together as I’m not getting any younger

28 in a few months and I still have a lot of growing up to do

Parents can only teach me what they only know

It’s time for me to stop talking

Prove to them

And to show

I’m still learning but never perfect

I’m on my own and still chasing after my dreams

I hate how I feel at times

Looking up to only what it may seems

Hard and wanting to give up on this thing called life

But deep down inside I know I’m only shining bright

Hello world!

I’m still doing fine

Hanging in there and still taking one step at a time

I’m still living

Still breathing

as i tell the world

Still here

I will always be here

Trying to never show my fear

Good-bye to the negative and mean people

Good-bye to the drama

Good-bye to a world filled with hate

I’m tuning you out and inhaling what I was birthed on earth for

To live and to learn

To take in wisdom and to earn…

Written by Lyrical Passion

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