I Can’t Help But Love You

I can’t help but see the smile on your face when you see me

The love I can’t explain sets my soul free

We may fight, fuss, laugh and joke

Make up kiss again

Make up sex again

But the feelings I have for you isn’t going to go away

Dirty feelings of sin

I can’t ever regret this love over and over again

You caught me and I fell deep and hard

To test my heart to see how long this love will go very far

It did and I was scared of what the end results would be

More fights and fussing

Revenge and more cussing

 But I still can’t help but to love you no matter what the consequence is

Your heart  tickles me pink just like on top of a soda pop fizz

Written by Lyrical Passion

The Adulterer

You took your vows years ago

Then broke it again

What type of man pleads and begs for a second chance?

When all you going to do is get back out in the world and sin

“Baby I’m sorry.  Please! I will never do it again!”

But then you do with your puppy dog eyes and those fake tears in your eyes

You are just nothing but an adulterer in disguise

She doesn’t show any emotion but her anger is on fire

Thinking how could her husband of ten years kill the burning love desire

He’s a scam that can’t handle his own wife

Dragging her through the mud and put all her happieness on a run-away kite

Kicking it with the homeboys not mentioning that he is out doing this own thing

While kicking it with the boys, the brothers he continues to text his fling

While his wife is at home or hanging out with her girlfriend wearing his ring

That’s right, his ring!

He has forgotten the vows that one day he made to her

To love and to cherish

But he fell out of love with her and his love for her has now parished

He falls for another woman that can do him better

Falling in love with her quickly

Making sure he wasn’t caught quickly

He doesn’t want to make that mistake again to get caught with his boo thang

To make her his side chick and possible new wife he’s trying to aim

He sleeps with sin and lays down with lust

When he returns home to his main chick, his wife he doesn’t want to argue and fuss

Only to think about his new thing

His new babe

His new boo

Holding on to a marriage that’s stale and sour waiting for the right moment when he can be through

Late night texting and calling his side chick while his main chick is right next to him

The marriage bed fills cold and unwanted, the lights of his heart is only dim

He found new love and doesn’t want to loose it

He is the one who is living a file and sinful life and taking the risks to choose it

He can’t be trusted with love as he lies in his mind about really loving her the main chick

Did she marry him for real love or was it just a trick?

You took your vows years ago then broke it again

What type of man pleads and begs for a second chance?

When all you going to do is get back in the world and sin

“Baby I’m sorry, Please! I will never do it again!”

Written by Lyrical Passion


Just a Scrub

You’re just another bad boy with no real standards to true love

How can I be so stupid to fall for a man like you just like TLC said “You ae only a scrub!”

Your slick Rick ways was slick enough with words to get me to smile

Your love was addicting enough so I couldn’t really be in denial.

But once I got to know you, all of you I might have well been singing Misty Blues

It never felt like real love when you was just like any other dude!

I mean you could put it down in the bedroom giving me that Janet Jackson feel good vibe to arouse

But that’s all you were good at

Your attitude and bad loving was foul

I still can’t believe I let you into my life temporarily when late nights became stressful nights

I been was ready to give up on you from all of our fights

You’re just another bad boy with no real standards to true love

How can I be so stupid to fall for a man like you just like TLC said “You are only a scrub!”

Lyrical Passion

Can’t Feel The Pain Anymore

Nothing lasts forever as the wind blows forward

To start from scratch

Starting from a new perspective

The pain she bleeds and the words she speaks

The world can’t hurt her anymore

She is numb from the pain that nothing else can enter her mind nor her heart

No one understands her vision or her dreams

They only see a face with the tangled tongue

The hurt that’s written upon her heart let alone inked out into the galaxies 

Pain that can never be written again with scars and bandages around old wounds

No room for new ones let alone for new tears

Where to begin when the world falls flat on her face and all she wants to do is cry out to the moon at night each time things don’t paint onto the canvas smoothly

The pain is numb

Her body is numb

She continues to walk on the old scars and keep her head held up high

And her purpose in life higher

The wind speaks to her soul

Allowing her to start a new beginning

With old scars and old  tears and old pain

To take the world and sit it upon her shoulders and carry the weight of the issues and hatred that brings people down

To be wanted by the positive influences and to make miracles and blessings appear in thin air

Can’t feel the pain anymore

The painful words

The painful image

The rebellious soul that hides in the dark skies with her canvas ready to paint a new chapter of her life

To tell a story so different that no one will recognize the new her

Will the world filled with hatred still believe the old rumors and the lies that downs her heart and pierces her soul?

To believe the new her into a new generation

But the pain will still be there

Fresh and deadly

To erase the past and to forget the harm

A love that wasn’t meant to be and people that never got to know the real her

She can’t feel the pain anymore

And she doesn’t want to!

can't feel the pain anymore

Written by Lyrical Passion


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