You Have the Last Say So…

You molded me with your strength and with me in mind created a vision

Creating my mind to carry out the purpose you have fulfilled for me

Only you know the pain that I will have

The struggles I have dealt

The opportunities that I had to make it all better

But I chose the worldly ways

Reminiscing about the days of giving up

Tears that would overflow upon my heart

You have the last say so..

To when my life will end one day

Living my life to the fullest without any regrets

Every learning experience is a stepping stone for improvement

And for greatness

Fight my battles for me as I enjoy life’s happiness

Inhaling each day that I am allowed to get up and start my day

The battle is yours

As I surround myself with the positive thoughts

Thinking back on the many days and years I have fought

Wasting life’s precious time over nothing…

As I close my eyes

I’m releasing all my stress and worries to you so that I can now enjoy each moment of my life

Until I depart from this Earth

Because you have the last say so…

you have the last say so

Written by Lyrical Passion

Time Will Tell

I’ve expressed how I felt a thousand times

To the wrong ones

At the wrong place

The wrong time

Trying to find some type of acceptance from just a face

A face that can tell me a thousand lies

To stab me in the back

But somehow still

I always rise

Yeah I’m an author

Creating my stories upon the creations

But right now all I need is a revelation

A wake-up call to start brand new

Still standing in the dark hole

Fallen through so many times

But for some reason

Still I rise

Time will tell if I can change all this around

To walk into the daylight

The brightness

Hearing that sweet peace

A wonderful sound

To surround myself with positive energy

Good-bye social media

Good bye to the back stabbers

The lyers

The gossipers

Actions speaks louder and this I know

But do you truly understand the pain I was in?

To have a breaking down once again

This is it

This is the end

No more sorrows and no more sins

Doing me and achieving my goals

I’ve been beaten to the grounds

And yet just like God

I have arose

Yes once more again

I continue to stand



Shortness of breath

And always stressed

All of this

It must rest!

I say good-bye for the final time

Cutting loose of all social media and all author ties

I’m starting my life over again

For real this time

I can’t continue to damage myself

Asking myself “How do I always continue to rise?”

To breathe once more

Struggling for one more breath to get me through the day

The Devil has been wearing my face

Showing fake emotions and getting the best of me

God will guide my footsteps


And at His pace

Time will tell if I’m making great improvements

To focus on what God has called me to do

To bless others with my writing

For me and for you

My journey isn’t through

I have a story to tell

To write about the numerous times I have failed

But this time

Time will tell

Written by Lyrical Passion

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