Not Your Time..Yet

Its not your time yet

God said He’s not through with you yet

Angels surround your mind and your bed side

There are tears of fear

Angels to comfort that are far and near

Life is too short

So live in the nature of reality

Written by Lyrical Passion


Reaping Sorrow

She watched her daughter being dragged out the door by the law

A burden on her mother’s heart she saw

Tears that wouldn’t stop overflowing

No mercy or sympathy the girl was showing

She was finally caught red-handed

The world has betrayed her

God still couldn’t understand it

She finally felt scared and abandoned

The law didn’t care and she couldn’t show any emotions to show her true colors

The mother started to pray

A long good prayer

Thinking that the law was being unfair

But it has caught up to her daughter’s head

“Pray” was all the mother said

Watching her daughter get into the car

She won’t ever see her again for a long time

A love lost that has been taken too far

reaping sorrow

Written by Lyrical Passion