Another Opportunity

When I fall you are there to catch me

When I’m in trouble you protect me from harm

You are there for me every step of the way

Like my morning, noon and night alarm

You wake me up to tell me what I have done wrong

Even when I have abandoned you when I thought you never hear my cries

When over the years, you were right there protecting me all along

When I fall you are there to catch me

When I’m in trouble you protect me from harm

Like my morning, noon and night alarm

Another opportunity

Written by Lyrical Passion

Godly Love

godly love


I pray for you and hoping you are praying for me

You see a love like this is hard to find;

two souls entwined with His love, I want God’s love to mold and shine

Praying for a man that follows Your heart and fears You

To pray over me each and every day

Making me his even when I’m away

Praying for me morning, noon and night and even when we are in each other’s presence

Molding me into your Queen and guiding me through the word of God

Anointing my heart and soul to be better than I was before

Praying for pure overflow and opportunities to come knocking on Matthew’s door

You see I’m always going to continue to pray for you and practice loving you just like God has loved me so dearly

Wanting to be protected and loved like God’s love 

whispering in my ear “Do not fear me”

I want to love you like no other man can

Encouraging me along the way as I lay 

Next to you as I continue to look at your presence and thanking God for sending you to me

I want a Godly love that no other man can understand; I’m not looking for no one else to understand

But God is always in our hearts saying “Yes we can”

A pure love like this

Just like a pure kiss

A whole-hearted love never like this

Because I’m praying for you until my dreams come true

And as I hug you for the first time, my transformation will start to feel brand new

I want a new love that the worldly  love can never understand or get

Only God can put two people together that celebrates his love

I will be celebrating

And anticipating

And waiting

Until we meet one day

I’m praying each and everyday 

For Godly Love

Written by Lyrical Passion

A New Level


Fallen thoughts of broken vessels

Pressure from advancing from one place to another with the overflow of tears

All smiles alone on a road to greatness

Those words “2015 is my year of advancement” are always near

A new place in life that allows room for growth

I wear you everywhere I go

I want to see the advancing stages of my life as I grow

Focused on the conscious that my mind lies upon my soul

When I cry out,

These tears are never fake

Showing true confession

While dealing with the blossoming depression

I have to point towards the skies above because who can ever love me soo deep

That’s only His amazing Love

I want to feel the breath of Him

As He re-create my soul to make me a precious Gem

I want advancement in every part of my life 

As the only thing I hope to grow

To have the knowledge of the footsteps waiting at my feet

To continue what I have started many years ago

To separate my evil thoughts and negative energy to a more peaceful sensation

Ladies and gentlemen 

Look at me!

I’m His creation!

I slowly inhale and close my eyes and try to mend the broken pieces

Advancement I shout out

That’s my new best friend

Someone who will finally understand as we walk hand in hand

Advancement will be with me to the very end…


Written by Lyrical Passion

Photo Credit by Me; Patrice Rivers


You Have the Last Say So…

You molded me with your strength and with me in mind created a vision

Creating my mind to carry out the purpose you have fulfilled for me

Only you know the pain that I will have

The struggles I have dealt

The opportunities that I had to make it all better

But I chose the worldly ways

Reminiscing about the days of giving up

Tears that would overflow upon my heart

You have the last say so..

To when my life will end one day

Living my life to the fullest without any regrets

Every learning experience is a stepping stone for improvement

And for greatness

Fight my battles for me as I enjoy life’s happiness

Inhaling each day that I am allowed to get up and start my day

The battle is yours

As I surround myself with the positive thoughts

Thinking back on the many days and years I have fought

Wasting life’s precious time over nothing…

As I close my eyes

I’m releasing all my stress and worries to you so that I can now enjoy each moment of my life

Until I depart from this Earth

Because you have the last say so…

you have the last say so

Written by Lyrical Passion

Let Go

An act of reality

Let go of the past that’s hindering you from enjoying the present and preparing for the future

The pain that dwells and burdens your heart

Kiss the sky and the moon and give God all your problems

Dance around the moon and pray unto the angels

Be happy for what you have and learn to laugh

Learn to dance in the rain and pray for forgiveness

It’s only a test

Do what makes you happy

God wants you to confess


Let Go!

let go

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

Dear God, I’m Still Listening

Dear God, I'm Still Listening

Dear God, I sent a letter to you today God,

Expressing all my pain and hurts that this blinded world has put me through

The Hell that I still went through

Who is this black beauty standing in the mirrors with eyes so crystal clear that you can see the past of the burdens this old rugged world has put her through?

I want to scream with everything and all the power and strength that I have left inside of me

Never thought things of a cold shattered body could feel so lonely..

So empty

Looking for someone or something to feel up her empty thoughts and refresh them with stories that will uplift the spirit..

To bring me within one…break bondadge and fly away with a million dollar smile stuck to my face

Lord have mercy on my soul as I tiptoe through this thing called life…

Dang, I wanna do right..

I try to do right

But you know how hard it is to decease deadly tongues trying to prove a point of flesh when really they are acting like the Devil’s child!

Spitting out venom that tries to feed off the weak flesh

That’s right!

The path I walk on has some twists and turns, but one day I want to be able to spread my wings God and fly away in peace knowing that my mission here on Earth is completed

Dear God,

Yes I’m writing you this letter because you have been with me every step of the way and know and hear my struggles

You understand the things I do and the feelings I feel

The depression that has almost got the best of me

Blinded by the darkness for too long!

I need to be led by the light

Your light of course

I feel my heart as it reaps the pain

I sure ain’t got time for these silly love games

Immature boys that call themselves men

Degrading women and putting women down to shame

Lord, guide my footsteps

I’ve walked on the wrong path for far too long,

Feeling confused

Mentally and emotionally abused, but I”m learning now

A Black woman who still stands on her own two feet

Struggling with the unity of her own

Finding her own self; visions imprinted upon my soul as I follow my heart

To fight and keep hope alive

I want to be the one in disguise so that no one remembers my faults

Well..that’s what a lot of people do is remember your faults rather than seeing the good

Like a ghetto black boy trapped in the hood

With no money and no hopes and living with no dreams

True story for those who may live this actual case of reality

Facing others who struggle with things bigger than my issues

I wanted to write this letter to you God to let you know that I’m a Black angel who wants to protect myself from harm

Your presence I feel gently squeezing me upon my arms

Of course you gonna stay by myside and whisper all the secrets to success as You continue to watch me grow

Wiping away the virtual tears and taking a deep breath and take things a little more seriously

Because the struggle is real and reality is realer

I want to become better than my past and of the years I was before

Mold me to become one with my spiritual heart, soul and mind

No more fears and no more cries

This soldier isn’t ready to die

As this letter ends, I seal it with fearless thoughts

A strong mind and a new battle that’s ready to be fought

I write this letter to you God

The creator of all times

I confess to you

I’m still listening to you God

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers Copyrighted 2014

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