Hustle Until I die

Look beyond my pretty face

My petite frame

I’m no longer in the fame

But just remaining in the game

The life of a hustler

Hustling my writing as I do this for a profession

Digging deeper into the eyes of my soul as I’m making a transgression

Yes it’s an obsession

The ink dipping I do so well

But I rather just call it a blessing

Creative minds thinking a like

As I plan my next chapter of my life

Writing will always remain my hustle

My daily grinding

My visual canvas

Words to speak to me

Constantly finding

My purpose in life

I was made to be a writer

A poet

An author

A unique me

So I’m gonna keep hustling until I die

Ride or die

It’s what I do best

Drunk off of my words

My stories

But first I must give God all the honor and Glory

As I continue to pen my story

authoress patrice

Written by Lyrical Passion

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