It’s been awhile..

Yes it has been awhile

My pen has been disconnected from the flowing of my ink

The world that speaks to me in a different language

Disconnected with my thoughts and my passion to what I love most

My first love who has ran away in my heart

It’s been awhile and I miss the sound of making love to my pen

To make my pen bleed ink heavily

But passionately

I needed a moment for myself

To free myself from the world of negative thoughts

To relax my mind and face the reality of the thoughts

I miss the fresh smell of my pen as it does all the talking

All the writing

The passionate sounds it makes in my ear

To be free once again by this gift of wonders

To speak a different language among all other pens and blank pages that commends me on the words

That I once again bleed

It’s been awhile but I will never forget my first love

My pen

My thoughts

My words

My freedom of speech

The native tongue



my first love


Written by Lyrical Passion

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