What lies between your heart?

That’s filled with the passion that you love so dear

The reactions seems to give you that ultimate satisfaction

Your passion that is

Laying between your heart and your soul

Dreaming of it

Sleeping with it like you’re having a fantasy affair

But that burning desire creates all types of fire

That burning desire can take and lift your spirit  up higher

And higher

And higher

Floating above you

Placing no one else above you

It’s your passion

Giving you that intimate pleasure

Your dreams and visions are all you have

It’s apart of your mind and your everyday routine

Breathing it

Eating it

Sleeping with it like an obsession

An addiction

An addiction to your future

Your dreams and visions goes a long way and it will continue to follow you

Until success meets you yet once again

Stay in the race to win

Your destiny arises never despises

New beginnings arising

Written by Lyrical Passion

How could it end like this?

how can it end like this

How could love start and end like this?

I just it wasn’t real because it only felt like a summer bliss!

Nights wondering when I would hear your voice of promising words

Too busy for a King

Your voice I never too much heard

Your distance left me wondering am I the Queen you have dreamt and hoped for

Am I the first one you think about in the morning and the last one at night that you adore?

how can it end like this 2

Lies and secrets were kept away in your heart that never gave the hint you just wanted to be friends

The mixed signals of love and communications was something I can’t understand

Why the eight years of confusion when saying “I love You” meant a serious love?

My conscious started talking to my mind and heart while love birds sung to me above

“You can do better than that. You deserve a better King!”

Not a type of love that led you on thinking you were the apple of his eye and to be involved in a secretive fling

I deserve that special promise ring

A real commitment and not a love that can’t be returned; no time for a delivery shipment

How could it all end like this?

It seems like yesterday when we shared our first kiss

Times spent together and memories that will last always

Now you are out of my life and all the memories are gone down the drain

Frustrations and hurtful tears having me go insane

Nothing to ease the pain

Only to cut you out of my life for good and start all over

This is over

How could it end like this?

Will you remember our memories and think about me often when you start to reminese?

Was I Mrs. Right?

Will I be missed?

The next one I hope to wed and commit

My life that will be filled with happiness and joy; a King

My love life will be lit


How could it end like this?

how can it end like this 3


Written by Lyrical Passion

Your path I will follow

Beneath our hearts stands firmly lovers that embraces cupid’s shoulders

Landing into the definition of pure love that allows us to be free within the the lust of fantasies

To tease you with my flirtatious thoughts only  in my mind

As you read into my soul

I have loved you from the time fate was given a chance for me to find the love that embraces my thoughts

Love my fears

Accept me as I’m still finding myself beneath your wings of comfort

You still find yourself back to my heart when I have pushed away your memories years ago

As a shadow you, play many lyrics upon my flesh 

A sweet scent of roses overcome the happiness that I still rely on the fate of never loosing you again

Therefore I shall follow your path to the very end of the journey

I want to follow your every footstep

To be one in unity with the heart beats that aligns with mind

Let us finish this chapter and start a new book of hope and possibilities that the future has promised two drunken in love lovers

And you will continue to feed my spirit as I embrace your heart yet again

The smiles of the moonlight when we kiss until dawn set us free

And once we are apart, my heart will write a new love song and find you in the lonely night

To sing for you until you are sleeping peacefully inside my womb

Our hearts that shares a special language

Our bodies  dances closely and to smell the scent of sweet hibiscus  melts our eyes into the sunlight

I touch your hand and leave a kiss to mark my love beauty mark

Following your path 


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers Copyrighted January 2014 (c) 

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