30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 28 “Memories”


Photo Credit by http://www.wallpaperup.com

Memories captured of all the precious moments

To re-tell the story of kept images that value life

To hold and to grow old with them

Sentimental forever and ever

To portray a mental picture on your canvas

To have and to hold always

Written by Lyrical Passion

30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 24: “Edible Fruit”

edible fruit

I’m starving for your love

Hungry for your love

I can eat you all day long knowing that your love will once again purify me

All of me

Not wasting a drop of your unconditional love

I want to taste you and drink you up

Fill me up

Into my love cup

I have a hungry migraine when I smell your love next to me

I can smell you like a vampire from thousands of miles away

A dose of your love is all I need

It’s all I crave for

It’s all I want to eat

I’m starving for your love

Written by Lyrical Passion

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