Mind Prison

Bottled up energy

Negative energy that is eating the mind alive

When the demon tries to strike, just tuck, roll and dive

Chained at every brain cell that wants you to think about the problems while you continue to rot in jail

Can’t think

Can’t focus

Like the mind is playing tricks on you

Hocus pocus

The devil wants your mind to be bonded together where you can’t set yourself free

But God will do everything in His power to bring you on bent knee

The angels will soon protect you watching as the demons flee

Built for every falling mountain setting your soul free


As the thoughts of bondage breaks free and you start to relax

To refocus

To reset

To rethink

About what the past is doing to your present and future

God puts his all and all into your soul so that you will be covered by his blood and salvation

That when you repent to Him giving him your sins and problems 

Bowing before him during the time of revelation.

Looking high above the heavenly skies and claiming your vision

Your heart will break free and your mind will soon become free

Not longer will it be a prison


Written by Lyrical Passion

A Dangerous Mind

Where is your mind?

Where does your dangerous thoughts go when you have dealt with the toughness of the world?

Sucking up the persona’s of the lives that still tries to harm us

Brainwash us from the evil paths

We gotta be stronger than this

Never to fall for this sinful mist

Steer from from a dangerous mind

That tells you the truth

Ready to explodes into another reality

Thoughts are left  in the fire on paper

To open up a mind filled with negativity

But trying to humble the heart of truth

A dangerous mind

Fallen from the enemy

As God controls it all

Stand clear

But never be afraid of a mind filled with danger

Only purity shall heal this with wisdom

Bottled up thoughts that gets no air when revealed

Left on paper to deal with later

Unknown to the world

Prepare for a warning sign

A brick wall that hinders this closed mind

A dangerous mind

Forgive this soul

a dangerous mind


Written by Lyrical Passion


Written by Lyrical Passion

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