A New Level


Fallen thoughts of broken vessels

Pressure from advancing from one place to another with the overflow of tears

All smiles alone on a road to greatness

Those words “2015 is my year of advancement” are always near

A new place in life that allows room for growth

I wear you everywhere I go

I want to see the advancing stages of my life as I grow

Focused on the conscious that my mind lies upon my soul

When I cry out,

These tears are never fake

Showing true confession

While dealing with the blossoming depression

I have to point towards the skies above because who can ever love me soo deep

That’s only His amazing Love

I want to feel the breath of Him

As He re-create my soul to make me a precious Gem

I want advancement in every part of my lifeĀ 

As the only thing I hope to grow

To have the knowledge of the footsteps waiting at my feet

To continue what I have started many years ago

To separate my evil thoughts and negative energy to a more peaceful sensation

Ladies and gentlemenĀ 

Look at me!

I’m His creation!

I slowly inhale and close my eyes and try to mend the broken pieces

Advancement I shout out

That’s my new best friend

Someone who will finally understand as we walk hand in hand

Advancement will be with me to the very end…


Written by Lyrical Passion

Photo Credit by Me; Patrice Rivers


Yesterday’s Tears

You are now old news

I’m through with you

Left you as a mystery

No more tears no more miseries

It’s a new year!

No time for worries and neglected love

Just patiently sit and wait for the one and only

No time for hurries

I want to embrace the new creations and the new moments I am about to create for the new year

It’s time to yell a little bit louder; to hear my voice

I’m coming out of the box to show no more fears

I’m following my passion and my goals to keep focus

Soon I will be rewarded with the treasures and gold

Yesterday’s news is no more

Vanished into thin air

Where I can breathe

No time for heartaches and disappointments

My heart can’t take any more

No more room for that

Only happiness and peace shall shine into my life

Waiting for the sun to always shine

I’m a butterfly with different colors

Different patches sewn on my wings

I’m still strong as I soar

Not worrying about anything

Yesterday’s tears are over and I’m better

Stronger than this!

The Devil thought he had me down

But now that I’m up

No more moping around

Following my heart as my poetry speaks silently

A new canvas equals a new year

No more room for disappointments, stress and fear

My voice will be heard!

I will shout a little bit louder

I will be seen through the stained glass of invisibility

I’m visible to the world

As I allow my talents to shine

No more set-backs of pretenders and lonely sinners

I’m separating myself from the angry miseries that used to keep me company

Those tears of yesterday made me realize that I can continue to go back to the past and worry about things I can’t control!

Days and the time are only getting old

So I’m rising

No more disguising

No more cries of worries

I’m done with yesterday’s tears…

yesterday's tears

Written by Lyrical Passion

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