30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 9 “Wake up with a Purpose”

wake up with a purpose


That’s all it takes to make your day filled with bright opportunities

Don’t allow the negativity to pull you down

Keep your feet always planted  in the ground

Always wake up with a purpose

Surround yourself with a clean surface

Fill yourself up with the inner peace of calm soothing ingredients

Listening to the Master of obedience



It’s time to start living your life for what it’s really worth

The opinions of others shouldn’t matter of this earth

Put yourself first

Feed your heart the desires of your mind

Take one thing

One step at a time

Live in the moment of spontaneous reality

Live with a purpose of sweet calamity


Written by Lyrical Passion

30 Days of Poetry: Day 8″ Broken Record”

tired of..

What song comes on next?

On the record of old school

Dimmed lights and a pinch of passionate delight

Silence fills the air as the thoughts play a soft tune

An old broken record that brings back all the pain that has caused inease feelings

This thing called love

Why should I be dealing

Holding me closer as I just push away

Frowns of neglect

But by your passionate kisses

I feel this love isnt through with me yet

But I want it to be over

But wait I still have visions of you and I as you got me bent over

And I say that its over?

When I continously give you the cold shoulder

You give me something I can feel instantly

Each thrust I exhale all the anger I have built for you

But those feelings gets lost as each thrust gets deeper

Deepen my soul and spreading it a little bit wider

Your only girl

You only confide in her

You tell her how you really feel when you are riding her

The broken record stills plays as I push your arms away from me

But deep down inside I want your presence surrounding me

To love me like you use to instead of playing mind games

Your lies of deceit are all games

Making me quit you a long time ago as you drive me insane

But then again i truly want you to drive me insane

Making love on the porch listening to the rain

But I’m syill listening and hearing the same old broken record..

Written by Lyrical Passion

30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 7 “Just A Taste”

just a taste

Tonight I can’t wait any longer

Hungry and craving for what belongs to me

I want it to become mine

Your long stick and fat tip got me hypnotized

Tonight it is mine

But only a taste

I can feel the sweetness in my mouth

Longing for it

Gotta have that sweet sweet

My sweet tooth fining

Let me wrap my tongue around that anaconda

Choking it

Straddling it

But only a taste

Combustion of love-making all over my face

As I tease you with my feathered lace

Massage me in your favorite spots

As I begin to heat up

My “oooos and ahhhhhsss” that hits that perfect note

Just remember in the end to re-fill my love cup

Written by Lyrical Passion

30-day Poetry Challenge: Day 6 ” Lost Memories”

lost memories

Photo Credit by http://www.insecretgarden.persianblog.ir 

Holding hands in the lost of memories

Smiles of happiness

Hopes of a lifetime

This is how I want you to remember me

Your favorite dress that won you over the first time we met

Even through the arguments and stress, our love I won’t ever regret

Your face of kindness I can’t ever forget

Now just faded memories lost in the past times

Days and nights

I still can say your love was one of a kind

Sad misty blues that still allowed my heart to continue to love you

Wanting a fresh new start for love

Something brand new

But I could never forget the first love

Not the only love

Or the last love

A new love

Not fake love

What to do with another love

To comfort the pain that has vanished away at my soul

Yes I thought together we would grow old

But I can’t ever forget you

Even though I truly want to

18 and 21

Lucky numbers of you and I

Telling a story of past memories

Have I left your heart

Would you always remember me?

I throw you on my canvas and paint a picture of lost times

A chapter that remains in my book

As I take one final look..

Written by Lyrical Passion

30-Day Poetry Challenge: Day 5 “He Rose Again!”

He rose again

He shed His blood for us to live again

To repent again

For when the world has sinned

To repent again

Be re-born again

Our God has risen again

Died on the cross again

But on the third day He rose again

Got back up again

To repent again

But on the third day He rose again

He shed his blood

So that we can repent again

For you and me He died

On the cross he confessed to His spirit

To save His children

Right on the cross He died

For you and me

Come finally see

Yes He rose again!

Got back up again

On that Sunday Morning

Look in the tomb!

He’s not there

He rose again

He died on that cross

To shed His blood again

He died for our sins

So that we can be re-born again

To confess our sins again

To save us again

He rose again

On that third day

He got up again

He rose again!

Written by Lyrical Passion

30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 4 ” Hello Beautiful”

hello beautiful

You shine bright just like the rest of them

Like rubies and pearls

Uniquely strong and beautifully made

You’re going to make it sister

Through all the storms and the rain

Smile and be brave because it’s only the beginning

Never hide behind your beauty

Never settle for less

Hello Beautiful

I see your strength in the mirror behind your heart and behind your smile

You are good enough

The world’s opinion doesn’t ever matter

Dazing at the mirror reflections of intense beauty and bright smiles

Stand up strong and remain you



Written by Lyrical Passion

30 Day Challenge: Day 4 “I See You, You See Me”

masquarade ball

The night has only begun

Dressed to impress as masks are worn at the masquerade ball

Looking at everyone as love appears again

Full lips of attention; devil red lipstick that stands out to the crowd

Pulling her mask closer and re visioned her fixed eyes to the perfect gentlemen who has been eyeing her all night

The feeling of tempted thoughts of engaging a delightful conversation to end the night just right

Only to dance the night away in full fantasies by herself

Humoring herself in full excitement as she continues to feel the eyes of the one gentlemen across the room

He walks around in circles wanting to get her attention, but she only disappears into the crowd teasing him

But deep in his  heart, he knows she is only playing mind games

He tightens his mask and follows her scent of lust across the room and spots her again dancing the night away

Giving him a side smile and walked away slowly

Only to imagine what her kisses taste like with the full devil red lips and hiding her image behind the mask

If only he could reach out and touch her hand and to only dance with her once to capture her heart

She continues to tease him with her mind holding on to the mask tightly on her face and quickly gazed at him and smiled shyly

Oh how she wished she could know what his love feels like wrapped around her heart and never letting go

Her heart beat fast wondering if she should go over there to shower him with her presence

To seal the night with one dance of passion and love

She started towards him then looked away

Then slowly caught his eyes through his mask

Slowly she revealed her true face

An image of purity..

He saw her remove her mask

And decided to remove his revealing and honoring her presence of the evening

He started towards her and when he grabbed her hand, a shock ran through his body and to his heart

They danced the night away arm to arm gazing into each others eye

A masquerade ball to remember….

i c u and u c me

Written by Lyrical Passion

Planting a NEW Seed

new plant w clipping path Photo credit by http://www.compredia.com

Your life is in your hands

You can choose to go left or go right

Shift to a better season

To a better you

Whatever you do change it for the best and the best will see you through

Plant your sorrows

Your burdens and bury it without feeling no mercy

Plant a new seed in the ground for preparations

A higher manifestation

A new revelation

More positive changes that will shift your season

To give you a powerful reason

Don’t stop now because time has come

Changes will be made

It’s your season

Don’t allow your soul to follow back to your past

Count your blessings carefully because they are the ones that will always last

Spring is in the air and it’s time for a new season

A new start

So start now

By planting a new seed

Happiness is on the way

A change indeed


Written by Lyrical Passion


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