What is Valentine’s Day?

To celebrate your love to your partner or to shower them with love and compassion?

What about when someone has crushed your spirit just for their pure satisfaction?

Broken glass everywhere and millions of pieces scattered 



The love you thought was real


Was all just one nightmare

Feeding you fake love 

Playing with my heart if you dare!

Forget a flower or a card that makes you smile when you read each word

Wanting to look in your face and wanting to speak having the urge

A broken mystery

How could you do this to me?

You promised me forever when all along I was just the dust beneath your feet collected in feathers

I will also survive any day and storms in any weather

Your secret is out and now you are playing the blame game

Pretending right now like you feel ashamed

Lost and confused

You can’t play with people’s emotions and expect for them not to feel hurt, disturbed even misused.

Watch how you treat love

Because love can sometimes feel like a game

Just waiting for you to loose!


~Written by Lyrical Passion