Can’t Bring A Sistah Down

Don’t define me by my hair or my good looks

Or my fiery attitude which you probably won’t every understand.

I may be judged by the stare on my face or how my tone persists to me

But as I continue to express myself on a level you may not understand,

Just to let you know I’m continuing to let my hair down and my soul free

Judge me if you want to by the look on my face or the aggressiveness in my tone

But just remember I am going to speak my opinion and allow my voice to be heard the way people has discredited my name it has been known

I’m still going to be the Queen on my Throne!

I don’t care if you don’t like me or the way I conduct my vibe or how I may look or even the books I write,

Believe me as long as I’m living, I’m always going to put up a good fight!

You can’t ever keep a good sistah down

She will always stand firm and still and stay true to her heart

She’s different and continues to stand apart

So you can’t bring me down even if you tried

My dreams and goals are my promises of my heart; the world may not support me, but God will always say “Never Denied!”

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Lyrical Passion Poetry


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