30-Day Poetry Challenge: Day 5 “He Rose Again!”

He rose again

He shed His blood for us to live again

To repent again

For when the world has sinned

To repent again

Be re-born again

Our God has risen again

Died on the cross again

But on the third day He rose again

Got back up again

To repent again

But on the third day He rose again

He shed his blood

So that we can repent again

For you and me He died

On the cross he confessed to His spirit

To save His children

Right on the cross He died

For you and me

Come finally see

Yes He rose again!

Got back up again

On that Sunday Morning

Look in the tomb!

He’s not there

He rose again

He died on that cross

To shed His blood again

He died for our sins

So that we can be re-born again

To confess our sins again

To save us again

He rose again

On that third day

He got up again

He rose again!

Written by Lyrical Passion

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