30 Day Challenge: Day 4 “I See You, You See Me”

masquarade ball

The night has only begun

Dressed to impress as masks are worn at the masquerade ball

Looking at everyone as love appears again

Full lips of attention; devil red lipstick that stands out to the crowd

Pulling her mask closer and re visioned her fixed eyes to the perfect gentlemen who has been eyeing her all night

The feeling of tempted thoughts of engaging a delightful conversation to end the night just right

Only to dance the night away in full fantasies by herself

Humoring herself in full excitement as she continues to feel the eyes of the one gentlemen across the room

He walks around in circles wanting to get her attention, but she only disappears into the crowd teasing him

But deep in his  heart, he knows she is only playing mind games

He tightens his mask and follows her scent of lust across the room and spots her again dancing the night away

Giving him a side smile and walked away slowly

Only to imagine what her kisses taste like with the full devil red lips and hiding her image behind the mask

If only he could reach out and touch her hand and to only dance with her once to capture her heart

She continues to tease him with her mind holding on to the mask tightly on her face and quickly gazed at him and smiled shyly

Oh how she wished she could know what his love feels like wrapped around her heart and never letting go

Her heart beat fast wondering if she should go over there to shower him with her presence

To seal the night with one dance of passion and love

She started towards him then looked away

Then slowly caught his eyes through his mask

Slowly she revealed her true face

An image of purity..

He saw her remove her mask

And decided to remove his revealing and honoring her presence of the evening

He started towards her and when he grabbed her hand, a shock ran through his body and to his heart

They danced the night away arm to arm gazing into each others eye

A masquerade ball to remember….

i c u and u c me

Written by Lyrical Passion

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