I Surrender

I surrender to you

Allowing You and only You 

As I give my all to You!  

I want to wake up in the morning with fresh air blowing in my face

To fulfill the peace that’s within

Look at me I’m still human

We all still sin

I surrender to you as I try to cherish every moment and not take things for granted

Waiting on You 

Waiting on the one and only

My enchanted

Leaving all the stress behind

Showing my loyalty and kindness

Hiding away my tears of sorrow

I know that the next day I will be just fine

A smile is all that is needed

Nothing in this crazy world shall be too hard

I’m always defeated

So I surrender my strength of holding on to the past

I’m here to make miracles and dreams come true

Making my happiness and smiles last

Written by Lyrical Passion

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