Black Bird (Inspired by Nina Simone)

Stop hurting me from the past

I shall be free when I look into the mirror and see me

But that little blackbird sitting on my window reminding me of the pain

The sorrow

When I shed the tears of hopeless dreams and visions

Cutting me deep like a surgery incision

But my wings are broken

Trying to soar and fly away from the past that has haunted me

What people say what I would never be

Just a black bird trying to be set free

Turning it all around as I set loose on the balcony 

Waiting for the people to see

That I wanted to quit

But you came along to set me free

To look into my eyes 

Stopping to stare at me

Trying to change my visions so that I can see the picture a little bit more clearer

When family wasn’t around to see me for who I really was

Am I still this blackbird stuck on the windowpane

Of my lyrically musically game?

I want to fly to be free of me

To allow my spirit to fall and to come back whole

No more little sorrow as I’m living in the world of possibilities and opportunities

I flew that night on the balcony

Until you rescued me

Flying higher

Because I’m a strong fighter

Written by Lyrical Passion

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