As I tell the World…

As I tell the world hello 

I welcome all the compliments that are attached to me

Will I take it and share it upon my soul?

Yes indeed, the good one’s that will please

To allow my smile to glisten upon my face

When I don’t have any hope left

To quietly sing amazing grace

To once more have a little bit of faith

I thought 2014 was going to be a great year

Started off great

Then became rocky and frustrating

As my mind finally understands the reality of life

I’m still instigating

Instigating on who my real friends are

Who will be there to support me 

Near and far

Who won’t talk about me behind my back

Who won’t do me wrong

When two-faced is the new real

I’m simply and slowly getting it

To know how to deal

In this cruel world

I walk alone on the dark roads and narrow paths

It’s too wide to have the whole world starring down at you

There will be only one or maybe a few…

To walk the whole race with you

Look at me and look at you

As I continue to live my life and 

Always starting brand new


I’m finally getting it

No more frustrations

Depression you have to stop too

I can only deal with one thing at a time

So misty blue it’s not all about you

It’s time for me to get my act together as I’m not getting any younger

28 in a few months and I still have a lot of growing up to do

Parents can only teach me what they only know

It’s time for me to stop talking

Prove to them

And to show

I’m still learning but never perfect

I’m on my own and still chasing after my dreams

I hate how I feel at times

Looking up to only what it may seems

Hard and wanting to give up on this thing called life

But deep down inside I know I’m only shining bright

Hello world!

I’m still doing fine

Hanging in there and still taking one step at a time

I’m still living

Still breathing

as i tell the world

Still here

I will always be here

Trying to never show my fear

Good-bye to the negative and mean people

Good-bye to the drama

Good-bye to a world filled with hate

I’m tuning you out and inhaling what I was birthed on earth for

To live and to learn

To take in wisdom and to earn…

Written by Lyrical Passion

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