My Guilty Conscious


hey there

my name is…

guilty conscious

the one that’s been struggling in your mind for all these years

making you feel bad for all the horrible things you have did and said

i want you to feel unwanted and fear

even though you are doing well in the future and meeting new people to help with your hopes and dreams

i’m still in the back of your mind holding a grudge for what this may seem

you may be smart and intelligent and filled with potential and creative ideas

but keep in mind that i’m still here

still holding on

i want you to smell the fear and feel less sincere

its me your guilty conscious talking to you from inside your head

even when you get ready to wind down for the night

i’ll be sleeping close behind you in bed


hey guilty conscious!

get out and stay out!

i dealt with you in the past and i’m ready to move on and trying to be a better me

you see you can’t make me feel low anymore, I stand firm just like an apple on the tree

trying to be free

so don’t mess with me

you have taken control of my mind for far too long

but in the end, i’m still singing upon my heart that victory song

to speak life and to seek positive thoughts

too many negative ones that crowded my head once before

the past i have fought

so guilty conscious you have no room here anymore to try and destroy me

as you see i’m moving on to bigger and better things

as my soul sits on God’s right wing

you are history

the past that can’t last

taking you away from me with just one blast from the past

so long and see you later

my present and future is only taking time to become greater!

BOOK 2 PIC2 (2)

Written by Lyrical Passion

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