Redefining My Purpose…. Taking Back What’s Mine!

Too many fears has left me undecided

The world too cruel and lonely

Only God I have confided

To bring me out of my storms

My wearies

My pain

I came to reality learning that this life isn’t just a game

But the real deal

I don’t want to play the victim any longer

The potential I have in my life

I can just lift the world up on my shoulders

My dreams and goals I will conquer

I want to take back my life and to life in a peaceful spirit

To whisper to God in a language He can only hear

To listen to His words, His whispers, I can feel it

To redefine my purpose

To reintroduce myself again to the world

I want them to get to know a different

Come and see

That I want to be a better me!d

Tears has fallen too many times in my life

I still live in a place where I am trying to fight

To fight the devil off

The demons shall go

I will take back what is mine!

A strong woman whose here to stay and shine!

I want to be the type of woman that everyone can talk and relate too

But my darkness has to go away and I have to take back my life even when I’m still going through

This time I am


My Life

My purpose

To live long without having the haunted past come alive and to surface

I want to be forgiven of the cruelty that my mind has corrupted

To stand firm still and allow the future to stay in my heart without living in the past; I won’t accept it!

Stay out demons!

The devil has to go

It’s my time to shine!

I have a potential glow

I want to take it all back and to start brand new

I have to


relieve all the pain

Inking my revolutions in this prospering ink game

I’m not fame

But I want to live and encourage others

To be better

To learn better

To redefine what fell off into the sea

I see

A potential young woman

Still holding on

Still standing

Only to be set free

Set free

Redefine her

Change her

The world is hers

Her dreams shall come true…

Forming into a bubble of reality

To redefine

Even when I’m still going through

To look into the reflections of the past

All hail on her throne

Darkness won’t last


redefining your purpose

Written by Lyrical Passion

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